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Moley is the world’s first fully robotic kitchen that can independently cook the cuisine you want with the exact customized ingredients you prefer and then wash the dishes and clean up the mess when it’s done.

Moley; the cooking robot has smart hands that can locate utensils and pots, pour and mix ingredients, plate meals, wash the dishes, and clean the cooking space afterward. So all you need to do is to have your dinner without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Moley’s auto-cooking system consists of kitchen cabinets, robotic arms, and a full set of smart kitchen appliances and utensils that was designed in cooperation with a leading Italian appliances company to get everything related to cooking done with no need for human help.

It comes with more than 5000 recipes to choose from and you can add your favorite new ones if you want.

Moley is a smart robot chef, so it will tell you when ingredients need replacing, suggests dishes based on the items you have in stock, and learns what dishes you like and don’t like.

How Moley Kitchen robot Works?

Moley system consists of 3 main components that enable it to work independently:

– Smart Arms: that hang out from the system ceiling stimulating the human hands to hold and handle the pots, and utensils, operate appliances, and pour and mix ingredients.

– HD cameras and precise sensors: that sort and detect ingredients and monitor system components so that the hanging hands can precisely locate what they want.

– Customized cabinets and a full set of kitchen appliances that work seamlessly with the Moley system.

How Moley learned to cook food and add ingredients?

Moley is a smart auto-cooking machine that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It comes with 5000+ recipes that Moley learned from real chiefs through live recordings. Moley then uses its Artificial Intelligence algorithms to capture human movement in these recordings and translate it so it can precisely imitate it and cook the same dishes they do in the same quality.

Similarly, you can teach your smart chef “Moley” your favorite recipes by live-recording yourself while preparing your favorite cuisines and then submitting them through the associated GUI screen.

Moley kitchen assistant comes with a large GUI touchscreen so homeowners can control the whole system; monitor available ingredients, customize ingredients to fit their diet, or add new recipes. Moley can also suggest cuisines according to the ingredients in stock.

Auto Food Cooking Machine For Cooking At Scale

Moley system is not only for homes, it’s a cooking robotic chief that was made to cook at scale so it can be used in serving the mass public in hotels, restaurants, and large organizations. 

Thanks to its smart automation, the Moley robot can cook large amounts of food fast, efficiently, and with the same level of quality with no need for human help.

 Moley also is designed for seamless human takeover, so you can use the system utensils and cookware to cook yourself when you want to.

Moley Robotic kitchen Price & How to Buy

The new robot chief could start from US$330,000 according to different kitchen spaces, configurations, and designs. 

Moley kitchen comes also with a huge set of high-quality cookware and utensils to choose from so the pricing may vary according to different preferences.

The delivery time of a new customized robotic kitchen would be around 6 months from the day of approval and payment and may be longer according to the customization needed.

You can visit the showroom to see the Moley kitchen robot or request a virtual tour on the company’s official website.

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Full Specifiction

    • You start placing your order for Moley robot kitchen by having a call with a representative from the company to virtually see your kitchen then he will put a draft design for it including (hob, sink, dishwasher, tables, chairs, cabinets, and appliances) and estimating the price for you. After your approval, the company will start building your new customized kitchen.
    • The company offers a complete customization option so you can build your own kitchen from scratch in a way that fits your style, area or space, personal preference, needs, and usage.
    • You can also choose from a huge set of high-quality cookware and utensils available.


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