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Switchbot is an automatic button pusher that can turn your home into a smart home in the cheapest way possible.

This tiny device can stick to any button in your home and be controlled remotely via an app to push or pull any button in your home at the exact time you want; just schedule it and rest assured that your smart button pusher will obey your commands.

If you are bored of this morning routine of preparing your coffee in the morning or if you are so sleepy and lazy to get out of your bed to turn the light/air conditioner off or if you just don’t like carrying your keys when going out, just stick Switchbot to your favorite device, schedule it via the app or control it directly and enjoy a more productive life.

Switchbot automatic button pusher is for appliances that need to be turned constantly during specific times during the day or at night like coffee machines and bulb switches or controlling your devices instantly and remotely.

This is not another cool gadget to get impressed by and move on. It is an innovative product to rely on for automating your daily life devices.

How Switchbot Works

Thanks to this automatic button pusher, you can transform your traditional home devices like wall switches and coffee machines into smart devices that can be automated within seconds without any technical installation required.

  • Simply tape SwitchBot onto the switch or any device button you want to control using the sticky pad on its body bottom.
  • Connect it via Bluetooth or wifi network.
  • Set your preferred schedules for Switchbot so it can turn on/off your devices at the exact time you want.
  • And now enjoy your life while your smart button pusher is doing its magic.

Automatic Button Pusher for Different Uses

Push: with this option, you can control how long you want the robotic button pusher to hold down the button from 0 -60 seconds according to your device.

Switch: this mode is for rocker switches that need to be flipped from both directions. Just attach the add-on included with Switchbot to the device arm and now switchbot will push or pull your on/off switches whenever you want automatically.

Multiple pushes: You can use this mode if you want to set multiple actions like press hold for 10 seconds, release, quick press, etc.

Automatic Button Pusher Compatible With All Devices

Switchbot is compatible with any rocker switch or the button of any appliance around your home:  wall switches (US, Japan, UK, German, Italy), light switches, home appliances, coffee machines, air conditioners, printers, PC, socket switch, door switch, thermostat, washing machine and more.

Also compatible with smart devices like Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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Full Specifiction

    • Dimension: 43×37×24mm
    • Weight: 42g
    • Battery Life: 600 days (25℃, twice per day)
    • Power Input: Battery Powered CR2 x 13V
    • Temperature: 0°C~55°C / 20-85%RH
    • Devices Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS 10.0+, watchOS 1.0+
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 or higher & Wifi
    • Bluetooth Range: 80m/260 feet line of sight under ideal conditions with obstructions.
    • Bluetooth Technology: Proprietary power-saving BLE with mesh support
    • Devices Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shorcuts, IFTTT, SmartThings, Line Clova
    • Maximum torque: Up to 1.15kgf
    • Strength: Up to 8N when pressing
    • Robotic arm’s maximum movement angle: 135°
    • Colors Available: White / Black
    • Make sure its compatible with your home buttons as illustrated on the company website.
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