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TECH8 Mouse Mover is an innovative and useful device that randomly moves your optical mouse every 30 seconds to keep your computer active and prevents it from going into sleep mode.

The Mouse Jigglers are suitable for remote working if you want to go to the bathroom or get your lunch or if you have some urgency but your boss is using some software to track your activity and see if you are idle at your computer.

It’s also an ideal choice if you are uploading or downloading a video or a large file on your laptop and don’t want it to go to sleep mode but doesn’t want either to stick around it.

How the Automatic Mouse Mover Works

TECH8 mouse mover has a spinning disk to put your mouse on then it moves randomly and gently to trick your mouse’s optical sensor into thinking it’s moving around.

Installing and using TECH8 auto mouse mover is simple:

  • Just plug the mouse mover device into a 5V wall charger or USB port.
  • Place your mouse on the mouse mover surface.
  • Switch on the mouse mover and now your cursor will start moving on the screen as if you are moving it yourself!

More About Mouse Movers


TECH8 mouse mover has a striking design with a cradle-like mounted surface to prevent your mouse from falling off while spinning and the spinning surface is large enough to accommodate a standard mouse size.

The automatic mouse mover has a 10db noise level which is the quietest in the market with a touch-sensitive button located on the power cable with a fine LED indicator light to easily turn OFF when not in use.

Good for Company-issued Devices

The best thing about the TECH8 mouse jiggler is that it doesn’t require any installed programs on your computer or any USB sticks to be physically connected to it. 

Instead, the mouse mover works independently which makes it an ideal choice if you are working on a company-issued laptop that put restrictions on installing new programs or on connecting new devices. 

Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

TECH8 mouse mover prevents “Away” status on Lync, Zoom, Skype, WebEx, and other virtual working programs by moving your cursor randomly every 30-60 seconds with varying speeds and distances imitating the real user activity without following a specific pattern to avoid getting detected even if your boss looks at the pattern of your cursor behavior. 

The spinning surface also moves and pauses in a smart way so that the cursor doesn’t get stuck at the corner of the screen. 

It’s a must-have gadget for students, professionals, and gamers.

TECH8 Automatic Mouse Mover Reviews

TECH8 random mouse mover is a USA product that has been sold thousands of times and got a 4.5-star review on Amazon submitted by 10,000+ users.

Below are some reviews from real customers who bought the product and submitted their reviews on Amazon.


  • “It works as advertised. Depending on your setup you might have to adjust your setup. Over time it favors wandering over to the left if you have multiple monitors. I have three monitors and need to monitor multiple remote connection windows. My workaround is to stack all the windows on my furthest left monitor which is an inconvenience but it works and I hear an audible alert when someone needs me. I just have to drag the window back to another monitor when working.”
  • “I like that this product allows me to go grab a cup of coffee without it looking like I went to grab a cup of coffee. It’s convenient and easy. I just put it next to my mouse pad and whenever I need to step away I press the little sensor that makes it spin and put my mouse on it.”
  • “I work from home 100% of the time. My employer has my laptop programmed to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity – which is barely enough time to use the bathroom and grab a snack from the kitchen. This product prevents my laptop from going to sleep. It’s super convenient! The first mouse-mover I received from the seller was rather loud. I reached out to them, and they had it replaced in just a matter of days. The replacement is much quieter and works as expected. It’s now a part of my everyday routine. Love it!”


  • “The product works but when I opened the box there were smudges all over the part that moves the mouse. I was able to clean it but it definitely looks more like a refurbished product and not brand new.”
  • “Worked well at first for my needs, but after a year or so, it now just makes a loud noise and no longer moves reliably. I’m unable to troubleshoot this, and neither can I contact the seller directly. Overall great concept, but seems like poor execution, and spending $30 a year on a physical object that just ends up in the landfill doesn’t seem quite right.”
  • “After a few days of use, it makes a weird clicking noise in one direction, I have serious doubts it will last a long time. That being said it does work and has a better design than others.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Required Movement Movement: Optical
    • Charging method: 5V wall charger or USB port
    • Programs installations required: No programs or Apps
    • Mouse Movement: Random Movement
    • Noise level: 10db
    • Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.25 x 1.5 inches
    • Weight: 9.1 ounces
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