Smaco mini diving tank is a portable oxygen tank for scuba diving that weighs only 2.38 lb and enables you to stay underwater for 6-12 minutes. It’s a fast & simple substitute for the traditional diving tanks that are heavy to carry and complicated to set up and use.

Portable and Small Oxygen Tank for Diving

Smaco mini tank positions itself as a portable underwater breathing device that comes very handy when carrying the traditional diving tank is just not feasible.

Whether you are traveling or if you want to have fun underwater without the hustle of carrying large oxygen equipment, Smaco mini tank is for you.

Smaco tank is portable enough to take with you everywhere (even on the plane) with a weight of 2.38 lb, dimensions of ‎2.4 x 2.4 x 14.3 inches, and a capacity of 0.5L. This tank is an ideal choice for your marine adventures and even is a reliable backup for emergencies.

Smaco company has a collection of various mini tanks like the 1L & 1.9L tanks that can keep you 20-30 minutes underwater in case you want something with a larger capacity.

Mini Scuba Tank For Beginners

If you are a scuba diving amateur looking for an easy-to-use oxygen tank then Smaco mini tank is what you are looking for. 

No heavy cylinders, no overwhelming setup, and no weird usage positions. With its intuitive design and small size, all you need to do is to bite the mouthpiece of Smaco tank and enjoy marine life underwater.

Underwater breathing device for Emergency

Smaco mini tank can also be a reliable breathing device to take with you everywhere for water rescue or any other emergencies. And that’s due to its ease of use and portability.

Have an emergency? Grab Smaco tank, bite the mouthpiece and go!

It can be also used as a backup gas source beside your main diving tank in case you had an air failure point during diving.

Mini Tank for Snorkeling

Smaco mini oxygen tank can support 6-12 minutes of breathing underwater within the diving depth of 33 ft which makes it a good option for diving practice, underwater sightseeing & photography, snorkeling, boat cleaning, underwater fishing, and more.

More About Smaco Mini tank

 Smaco mini tank is made of 6061 aviation aluminum for high compression resistance and anti-explosion performance. And the tank body is anodized, sprayed, and polished for high resistance to seawater corrosion.

The tank can be used normally for 2 years and its work pressure is 3000 Psi, with an inflation interface of 8mm.

 They are multiple options for refilling Smaco diving tank, You can use:

  • Smaco air compressor that can fully fill the mini tank in 11 minutes.
  • Smaco scuba adapter to connect your mini tank to another large air cylinder which will fully fill it within 8-10 seconds.
  • Smaco high-pressure hand pump.

Smaco has a wide range of various mini tanks with different capacities to fulfill different people’s needs like the 0.5L, 1L, and 1.9L tanks. 

It also has various packages that could include Smaco refill adapter, high-pressure hand pump, electric air compressor, and more. You can have a look at the various packages and capacities on the company’s official website or on its Amazon store.

* Warning

  • Smaco tank shouldn’t be used as a scuba diving tank below the diving depth of 33ft and can be used as a backup gas source within 33-100 ft underwater. 
  • The manufacturing company suggests getting diving certified before using the tank if you intend to use it in open water, however, if you will use it only in your pool, the diving certificate is not necessary.

Smaco scuba tank review

Smaco is a well-established company in the field of diving and water equipment since 2013 and its products have been sold in more than 40 countries around the world and trusted by thousands of buyers since then. 

Below are some reviews from real users who used the mini tank and submitted their reviews on amazon.


  • “My dad loves sailing so I got him this for one of his trips. Not only did he use it to scuba dive in the middle of the ocean, but he also used it to fix the engine while in the middle of nowhere. This can make trips better or be a lifesaver!”
  • “Bought this for my son to use in the pool. He gets about 8 – 9 minutes of air per full tank. That’s only if he didn’t take any break. He loves it so much that we bought a second tank to extend the time. We bought a high-pressure compressor from Amazon so we could fill on our own as it would get expensive in a hurry if you had to pay someone else for each refill. Each refill takes about 30 – 40 minutes. Well worth it!”


  • “Good quality everything put on with precision it includes a briefcase to carry everything very well, but its price is high, because these useful bottles are not much since at most you endure 10-15 min and recharge it again, and never empty them completely that can rust and break a lot of eyes they require care.”
  • “It started with 15-20 mins of air…I have tried 3 full tanks now and each time I only get 6 mins!!!”
  • “A main complaint from users regarding the mini tank is that it doesn’t last up to 15 minutes as mentioned by the company. Anyway, the lasting time would vary depending on the frequency of breathing underwater and the depth of usage.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: 6061 Aviation Aluminum
    • Max working pressure: 3000psi/ 200bar/ 20Mpa
    • Breathing valve thread: M18×1.5
    • Dimensions: 36 × 7.6 × 8.9cm
    • Capacity: Varies
    • Surface Technology: Hard oxidation + Plastic spraying
    • Breathing times: 340 times for 0.5L
    • Supports 3 ways of refilling
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