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Stirr is an automatic pan stirrer that can enhance your productivity in the kitchen and save you the unproductive time wasted on manual work.

It’s basically a self-stirring spoon with a timer that you can simply place in any pan or pot and hit the timer button to set it up for the period of time you want to stirr your soup or sauce and leave it to do the work for you!

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer For Kitchen Productivity

The new automatic pan stirrer ‘Stirr’ comes with three-speed options to be used on different dishes like sauces, soups, porridge, gravy, and other mixtures and a timer that you can set up for 1 – 10 minutes. Once the timer has finished, it will let you know by its gentle pulse and flashing lights.

With this simple automatic pan stirrer, you can enhance your productivity in the kitchen by saving those minutes wasted on manual stirring to be used on the other tasks you have in hand.

Safe Pan Stirrer that Goes Into Dishwasher

The automatic pan stirrer legs are removable for easy cleaning and made of nylon to be non-sticky and safe on both utensils and dishwashers. It also has a heat resistance of up to 120°C to fit different uses you want.

Powerful self-stirring spoon

 ‘Stirr pan stirrer is powered with a high-speed motor and it moves forward and backward with its 3 non-sticky, nylon legs to rotate your soap or sauce from the deep bottom for a time range of 1-10 minutes as you set it up.

It has a cordless battery operation and runs on 4 pieces of AA batteries with 3-speed options to choose from.

How it works

Using Stirr automatic pan stirrer is simple:

  • Just place the device in a pan or pot
  • Turn it on & set the timer
  • And now it will rotate automatically and let you know with a gentle pulse and flashing lights when the timer has finished.

Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer Review

The new automatic pan stirrer from ‘Uurtensil’ company has a 4.5/5 review score on Amazon submitted by 118 users.

 Below are some of the reviews from real users who used the product and submitted their reviews on Amazon.


  • “After trying both the Saki and StirMate which neither would function, The Stir Time ran and functioned well. Three cheers for the Uutensil StirrTime, Automatic Pan Stirrer. Finally, a stirrer that runs. Thank you”
  • “It’s great but be careful liquid level has to be higher to operate.”
  • “This little gadget is the best kitchen gadget ever! When you have to stir something constantly like gravy this is so handy to have you turn it on and it stirs and you can continue making the rest of your dinner without worrying food is sticking. I used it for gravy, I’ve used it in soups, and I’ve used it to stir wet ingredients in a bowl for a recipe. This product is fantastic for the cook and a great gift that nobody will already have. You do have to supply the batteries, batteries are not included.”


  • “When I received it it was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. But I’m sure it worked fine but just was not what I needed. I was hoping it was taller and I could use it in a stock pot for spaghetti”.
  • “We received this as a gift from a neighbor in a buy-nothing group and love it! So far in a day, we’ve used it to wash stuff (put enough hot water in a pot to cover the item you’re washing, add detergent and the stirrer, no need to cook) twice, and cook steel-cut oats, and we love it. The only thing that’s strange is that the timer function doesn’t stop the stirrer, but I guess what keeps it moving is overheating. Instead of stopping, it keeps going but at a different cadence and blinks all the led lights.”
  • “Great concept, not powerful enough!”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: Plastic
    • Product Dimensions: 9.06 x 5.12 x 5.12 inches
    • Weight: 5.1 ounces
    • Battery Operated
    • Heat Resistance: Up to 120°C
    •  Three-speed options
    •  Removable, non-stick nylon legs
    • Dishwasher safe
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