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Peet boot dryer is a smart boot and shoe dryer that can remove moisture, sweat, and odor from all kinds of footwear or gloves in a few hours while using less electricity than a standard light bulb.

Cold winter nights could increase the moisture in your boot or sneaker which makes it an ideal place for fungus to grow and ruin your shoes. It could even expand and cause a fungal foot infection. The summer is not so different; legs and legs’ fingers sweating could make your running shoes or tennis shoes very smelly.

But not anymore with the Peet boot dryer!

More About Peet Boot Dryer

How Peet Electric Thermal Boot Dryer Works

For the Peet shoe dryer to work, just plug it into any standard 110-120 volt US household current then put on the shoe or boots you want to dry or deodorize and forget about it! 

It’s that simple!

Peet shoe dryer can safely and effectively dry your gear within a few hours without powering down or unplugging required after every use. 

You can keep it plugged in all the time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Technology & Cost efficiency

Peet shoes and boots dryer uses convection technology to help move warm air through the air chambers and dry ports of the dryer which will silently and safely dry your shoes without any noise and without damaging your gear.

Peet shoe dryer is also cost-efficient, it uses less electricity than a standard light bulb.

Boot Dryer For All Footwear and Gloves

Peet electric footwear dryer works with all kinds of footwear and gloves. For long boots, classic shoes, casual sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, hunting boots, and all outdoor gear. 

The electric dryer “Peet” is safe on all materials of shoes and boots thanks to its thermal convection technology that gently pushes warm air through the air chambers to dry your gear safely and smartly. Peet dryer doesn’t use loud fans that blow hot air like other shoe dryers in the market.

Peet boot dryer is efficient and safe on leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, microfiber, and other kinds of material.

Durability and Silence

The Peet boot dryer doesn’t need to be switched on/off after each usage or to get unplugged.

With its 10-year guarantee, there is nothing to worry about! You can leave it plugged in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is built to work! 

Peet boot dryer technology doesn’t include loud fans, it dries and deodorizes your gear silently at 0db noise level.

Peet Boot Dryer Versions & Types

Peet electric boot dryer comes in different versions to fit different needs, you can choose between:

  • The Original Wader 2-Shoe Dryer: that version can dry and deodorize 2 of your footwear at once.
  • Advantage 4-Shoe Dryer: that can handle 4 shoes at once.
  • Multi-shoe & gloves dryer: that version can dry 1 pair of footwear and 1 pair of gloves all at once with its smart gloves holders.

Peet Boot Dryer Reviews


  • “I’ve only used this once so far on the work boots I’ve had for about a year now. a little water got in them while working and was excited to use the dryer for the first time. worked great, just beware, if you don’t have anything to remove the smell from the boot it will stink in the room the dryer is in lol. I will have to find something to get rid of the stinky feet smells from my boots that I’ve never paid attention to before. the dryer did work great though!”.
  • “Works great! My boots are dry and warm. Operates silently. Wish it had an on/off switch, but that issue is easily solved. Definitely recommend for daily drying of any kind of boots or shoes.”


  • “Very easy to use and will dry your boots well, However, it in my experience has taken longer than the 12 hours they say it does and has shown to burn the inside of my boots when on the dryer on multiple occasions.”
  • “I have used PEET dryers almost every day for many, many years. They are fantastic for athletic shoes, work boots, really any footwear, and gloves as well. I consider it a must-have product in a humid climate. But PEET, get a clue. Spend the extra 50 cents to put a switch on your product and do your part to limit climate change. Having to go out and buy a plug-in switch for five bucks on top of the cost of your dryer is pathetic!”.
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: Fiberglass.
    • Dimensions: Defer from one model to the other.
    • Electricity Consumption:  Less than a low-wattage household light bulb.
    • Voltage: Compatible with US voltage (110-120) & UK voltage (220-volt).
    • Noise level: Works silently (0-Db level).
    • Dry time: defer according to the model (Original Wader 2-Shoe dryer: dries overnight – Advantage dryer & Multi-shoe dryer: dries in 1-4 hours).
    • Weight: (‎2.7 – 6.2) pounds. According to the version.


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