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Boardup is a foldable skateboard that can fit into your backpack. 

Skateboarding is an enjoyable hobby and a time-saving vehicle but carrying your skateboard and moving with it every day is the bad side. It’s restrictive, and hard to carry. That’s what Boardup foldable skate was made to solve.

How it Works

To fold the Boardup skateboard simply step on or kick its aluminum alloy kick pad to trigger its middle hinge to fold instantly. 

Once folded, the logo-engraved handle stands up ready for carrying. That way you can carry your skateboard like a briefcase or put it into your backpack with ease. 

When you want to use your skateboard again, simply unfold it with your hand and start skating. 

More About Boardup Skateboard

Quality and Rigidiness

Deck: Boardup longboard deck is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood for sturdiness and one layer of flex glass fiber for absolute control with a deck size is 34” that supports up to 220lbs.

Hinge & Pad: Boardup Hinge & kick pad are made of Aluminum alloy

Wheels and Bearings: Boardup skateboard has rigid high re-bounce wheels (80%) made from high-quality Polyurethane with grade 9 ABEC bearings.


Boardup skate has a patented self-locking hinge that locks the deck while riding so that the skate deck doesn’t fold. Pushing down the front kick pad is the only way to collapse the deck.

The foldable longboard also has rubber bands at its hinge to prevent possible finger pinch.

Electric Foldable Skateboard

Boardup foldable skateboard has a classic version and an electric version which means you can have an electric foldable skateboard not only a manual one.

Moreover, the Boardup electric motor can be installed on trucks of any brand and the electric Boardup version can also be reversed to a typical classic one without changing the trucks.

Boardable Collapsible Skateboard Reviews

Boardup company had sold more than 2000 units of its innovative and portable skateboard. 

Below are some reviews from real users of the folding longboard who submitted their reviews on Amazon.


  • “I love this thing! I’ve used it about 10 times and enjoyed it every time.”
  • “I used to have to walk a mile and a half one way to get to my bus stop, now with this it’s fun to go to work. It can barely fit in a small bookbag so if you planning on putting it in a bag make sure it’s longer than average.”


  • “The board is unstable I went through the same route I go with my old longboard and I felt a lot of vibration besides having a hard time with the curves”
  • “bought two and both came with bad bearings that make a clicking sound and didn’t spin very well however it is a well-made deck”
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Full Specifiction

    • Deck Material: 8 layers of Canadian Maple + 1 layer of fiberglass
    • Kick pad Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Folded Dimensions: 17″ X 8.5″X 4″
    • Load Capacity: 220 pound
    • Weight: 8.5 lbs
    • Wheel Material: Rubber
    • Wheel Size: 75mm X 52mm (High 80% re-bounce PU material)
    • Bearings rating: ABEC 9
    • Size: ‎34″ (Other sizes are available on the official website)
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