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CutCam is a self-cutting hair clippers with an HD camera attached to it so you cut your hair at home like a pro!

CutCam is not only for professional barbers but for anyone from beginners to advanced users who want to do a self-haircut with high precision like professional barbers! 

Even if you have never attempted to do a haircut for yourself before, with CutCam you will be able to self-cut your hair with a clean and nice style just like professional barbers do.

The Self Cut Clippers Technology:

The main problem with DIY haircuts comes from the inability to precisely see where the clipper blade is cutting. The new self Cut clippers “CutCam” with its perfectly-placed camera provides you with a clear 360 ° view of your noggin in 1080 HD quality so you can see what you are doing. 

“CutCam” comes with an app that teaches you how to self-cut your hair step by step through tutorials and lessons from professional barbers along with useful and modern styling tips to keep you updated on the latest trends and techniques in addition to a library of dozens of modern hairstyles to explore. 

Through CutCam App you can have access to useful data like; the time since the last cut, the battery level of the device, the Clipper Guard number, and more. CutCam App is compatible with both IOS and Android.

How Much Does this Self-cutting Hair Clippers Save?

1.5 hours is the average haircut visit! That’s 26 hours wasted every year if you get a haircut every 3 weeks. 

Multiply it by 28$ for an average haircut and that’s 500$ you spend every year on haircuts.

That means that CutCam at its current price of $139 could pay for itself in less than 3 months in addition to saving your time and the freedom to have a fresh haircut anywhere 24/7.

How CatCam Clippers Works?

Just pair CutCam to your smartphone using Wifi and its rear-view integrated HD camera will show you where exactly you are cutting in real-time with no mirrors or guesswork needed. 

CutCam integrated HD camera opens at a perfect angle and is placed at a perfect distance to give you a clear wide view of your noggin and the path of the clipper and its Precision SkinSoft™ patented ceramic blades is designed to keep your scalp free of scratches. 

CutCam is also designed to be portable and easy to carry when traveling. Just lower the camera arm down and lock it in place and take your self Cut clippers with you wherever you want safely.

CutCam Self Cut Clippers Price:

You can get CutCam now on Indiegogo for $139, with an estimated shipping date to be in September 2022. Shipping is available worldwide.

Vulfe the company behind CutCam is a consumer hardware startup based in California with the mission of creating innovative products that bring joy, and simplicity to daily life.

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Full Specifiction

    • Wireless streaming 1080p HD camera.
    • Low-latency streaming.
    • Adjustable blend lever.
    • Replaceable customizable heads.
    • Stainless steel blade head.
    • Cordless with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.
    • 100+ minutes runtime on a single charge.
    • Corrosion-resistant metal.
    • 170° wide view.
    • Charges in 3 hours.
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