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Meet this phone screen magnifier that can double the screen size of your smartphone so you enjoy using your phone without staring at a small screen.

If you are watching movies, and videos or playing computer games on your mobile phone then you know the eye strain and the fatigue that results from staring at a small mobile screen. This innovative 3D screen magnifier is changing it all by bringing a semi-realistic hands-free viewing experience without any distracting details.

HD Projector Screen with the least distortion

With Dizaul phone screen magnifier you can enjoy a semi-realistic watching experience from your phone without missing a detail.
It can double the size of your phone screen with the best clarity and least distortion thanks to its HD zoom optical technology.

More About Dizaul Screen Magnifier

Design & Quality

Dizaul is a handcrafter screen magnifier made from high-quality solid wood for extended durability with a handsome finish and elegant design.
It consists of a flat base with a magnetic strip that can be rolled into a cylinder shape to support your smartphone while using the magnifier and a stand for holding the magnifying screen.

Dizaul wooden base is very adjustable so you can adjust the angle of the phone and screen to best suit you and enjoy all possible viewing angles.

Dizaul screen magnifier is portable and lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you want.


The smartphone magnifier is universally compatible with most devices and operating systems: smartphones, iPhones, and Android and it requires no battery.

For watching movies, working, and more!

Dizaul screen magnifier is lightweight and portable which makes it an ideal choice if you want to watch videos while traveling or if you watch a lot of movies on your smartphone. It’s also a nice gift for your children thanks to its quality and durability.

You can also connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your phone and use it for HD gaming or for work.

Dizaul screen magnifier Review

Dizaul screen magnifier for smartphones is a best seller on Amazon with a review score of ⅘ submitted by 13,500+ customers.

Below are some real reviews for the Dizaul screen magnifier that were submitted by real users who bought the product and used it and submitted their reviews on Amazon.


  • “I liked how sleek it looked. It took a bit of flexing before it settled into place. Really did help magnify the phone image. I enjoy using it while washing dishes.”
  • “I love its quality and simplicity. A must-have for travel or while lounging in bed. All around, great purchase!”
  • “We gave this to my husband for Christmas. He likes to have football or baseball games playing on his phone while he’s making dinner and we don’t have a tv in the kitchen. This works well! He was excited to receive this unexpected gift.”


  • “Product broke while being set up for first-time use. The angle piece wasn’t even its slot yet before the bottom cracked off on the front”
  • “Picture quality is very poor, the Screen does not stay upright and easily slips out of position, the Same thing with the phone. Overall very disappointing product.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Dimensions: 10.08 x 8.98 x 0.59 inches
    • Weight: 15.1 ounces
    • Screen size: 12 inch
    • Screen quality: HD with No missing details
    • Material: solid wood with handcrafted wood finish
    • No battery needed
    • Compatible: Smartphones, iPhone, and Android
    • Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth
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