Portabl Slide is a multi-screen laptop attachment that you can link to the back of your laptop monitor to add 2 extra side screens to your laptop in a few seconds. 

Slide laptop attachment enables you to enjoy 2 extra display screens instantly so you can perform your regular working tasks from the comfort of your couch as productively & effectively as you do from your office with no need for sophisticated technical setup, additional equipment, or complex wire clutter. 

Portabl Slide is portable, customizable, and easily fits into your laptop case so you can work efficiently wherever you want.

Easy-to-setup Dual Monitor Attachment:

Using Portabl multi-screen laptop attachment you don’t need extra hubs or dongles. A single USB cable is all you need to add 2 extra screens to your regular laptop monitor.

  • Just stick the 4 pads to the back of your laptop.
  • Attach Portabl Slide to it.
  • Connect the 2 displays using a single USB cable.
  • And now you have 2 extra customizable HD screens that can be switched horizontally or vertically with a click of a button.

Multi-screen Laptop Attachment For Endless Possibilities

Portabl Slide provides flexible modes for different uses:

  • Group Meetings: If you need to deliver a presentation in a group meeting, the two Slide screens can form a triangle and magnetize to each other so you can display your content 360^ to everyone around the table. 
  • 1-to-1 Meetings: Just flip any of your 2 extended screens and now you have 2 screens back-by-back displaying the same content.
  • Portrait Mode: Just turn your screens vertically and you are good to go. 
  • You can also slide out only one screen if you have limited space.

Dual Monitor Attachment For Gaming:

Portabl Slide has 2 wide screens with 178-degree viewing angles to ensure minimal distortion and color shift even when viewed from extreme angles.

It’s compatible with Xbox Game Pass with its 4 million pixel screens so you can clearly see the hidden areas of your games using the Ultra-wide Game View.

Portabl Slide Price:

You can get the new multi-screen laptop attachment starting from $521 on its official website.

Portabl company provides free shipping worldwide and custom engraving for your name or company name with an International warranty and a 14-day return policy.

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Full Specifiction

    • Body Material: Slide is made of Carbon fiber and premium aluminum with a protective sheet that joins both screens within the device itself to protect them from any snags or scratches. 
    • Hinges: Portabl Slide dual attachment has enhanced friction hinges.
    • Stability: Porabl attachment has a friction-controlled slide system for a precise sliding mechanism and its BRT locking system enables you to adjust the two screens to your desired angle while ensuring they won’t move once put in position.
    • Screen quality: 2 HD matte screens with anti-glare technology and 4 Million pixels on each screen for a more authentic experience especially if you are playing games.
    • Compatibility: Portabl operates via a single (USB-C type) cable or (USB 3.0 and 2.0) cable thanks to its’ Displaylink DL-4120 chip and is compatible with any laptop and any operating system (Windows, macOS, Android Lollipop or Ubuntu).
    • Dimensions: Portabl Slide attachment (including the 2 screens within) is 20 mm thick and 2.0 kg in weight 
    • Anti-slip Stand: Portabl Slide can stand-alone thanks to its anti-slip rubber bands that held it firmly in place and on any surface if you want to use it as a bigger screen for your smartphone or tablet.
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