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Trac Grabber is a portable and easy-to-use traction strap for your vehicle tires when it gets stuck in snow, mud, or sand.

Driving off-road or other difficult types of difficult terrain could be unavoidable in some situations. Especially if you are driving through snow, soft sand, or deep mud, you are more vulnerable to getting your vehicle stuck. 

Trac Grabber traction straps are made to give you peace of mind for driving in any situation or on any terrain without having to wait for an expensive tow truck to help pull you out.

How to Use Trac Grabber Traction Device?

It’s recommended to start using the tire traction straps as soon as you start losing traction because the more time you spend trying and spinning your tires without Trac Grabbers installed the deeper you get stuck and the harder it becomes to get out. 

  • Simply, install one Trac Grabber on each drive wheel (Not recommended to install more than one)
  • Keep the front tires straight and clear away any resistance (avoid turning the tires as they make extra resistance)
  • Start driving in the easiest and shortest direction to the stable terrain.
  • Now slowly apply power (5mph max) and let the Trac-Grabbers spin with your tires to lift and move your vehicle back to the stable terrain. (Rapid spinning over 5mph can cause damage to your Trac Grabbers)

How to Install Trac Grabber Traction Straps on Your Tires?

  • First, pass the strap through the tire and the D clips and pull them until tightened.
  • Pass the straps between the D clips and pull them again.
  • Fasten the excess strap to its velcro inside the tire 
  • And now you are ready to go

More About Trac Grabber Tire Traction Device

Material & Durability

Trac Grabbers are made from durable and premium EPDM rubber blocks with a versatile design to provide superior momentum for your stuck car or truck. And it comes with heavy-duty “D” rings and reinforced tire straps to stick tightly to the tires of your vehicle.

Trac Grabbers come with a carrying bag for easy storage.

Multi-device Traction Straps

Trac Grabbers are multi-device traction straps that can be used for cars, minivans, trucks, small SUVs, ATVs, and UTVs. It comes with different sizes and versions to fit different vehicles.

It’s an essential car emergency kit for winter and a must-have device for all outdoor adventurists.

Works With All Terrains

Trac Grabbers traction straps are made for tough conditions and precarious situations. It can be used off-road and on all kinds of terrains including deep mud, snow, and soft sand.

An excellent Tire Chain Alternative

Trac Grabbers traction straps are an excellent alternative to the noisy and heavy tire chains that increase your tire wear and take up much space in your car.

Trac Grabber Tire Traction Straps Reviews

Trac Grabbers straps have a 4/5  star review on Amazon, submitted by 1,100+ users.

Below are some of these reviews:


  • “Have not tested it for getting through soft sand, snow, or mud yet, but did test getting them on as soon as they arrived. So simple and quick. Big open-spoke rims made things really easy. May have taken 30 seconds to get one on, so maybe 4 minutes to put them on all four tires. Looks like a perfect solution when you just need a little extra push, especially when you are all by yourself without a winch.”
  • “Went to the OBX this year and drove my F-350 dually on the beach. These worked like a charm multiple times. And if you have ever driven on the beach then you know lots of people get stuck. Not only did these work for me but for other people around us who got stuck. Highly recommend them. They officially stay in my truck 24/7.”


  • “I would recommend replacing the strap with a ratchet strap after it falls apart. The strap itself holds up, but the velcro tore off in only a few short uses. Rubber block seems to hold up fine.”
  • “Most FWD vehicles, especially with steel stamped wheels, have a very limited brake caliper clearance. If you can wrap a rope around the rim and spin the tire without catching onto the brake caliper, then buy it. Else look for something else.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: Premium EPDM Rubber Blocks
    • Vehicles Compatibility: Vehicles of all kinds: Trucks, Cars, SUVs (sport utility vehicles), ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), UTVs (utility terrain vehicles), etc.
    • Terrains Compatibility: For snow, soft sand, and deep mud.
    • Weight: Varies according to the vehicle (1.32 Pounds – 6.59 Pounds)
    • Dimensions: Varies according to the vehicle
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