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Gun Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that comes with a laser gun so you can shoot the target to turn the alarm off.

Shoot Alarm Clock gun doesn’t have real ammunition inside, it’s basically a remote control for the alarm clock that looks and feels like a gun. So you point it to the target, press the trigger and get the impression of shooting.

Although not shooting for real, the Ec Vision gun clock is a nice and recreational way to wake up in the morning specially for children who have a hard time walking up early.

Gun Alarm Clock Modes and Use cases

Ec Vision gun alarm clock has 2 modes to choose from (Game Mode & Alarm Mode)

With Game mode, you can have fun shooting targets with 2 different shooting games to choose from

  • Game 1: In this game, you have to shoot down the target in no more than 1 second or it won’t play a different musical sound. The elapsed time is calculated in front of you on a led screen underneath the target.
  • Game 2: In this game, you have to shoot the target 5 times to stop the game.

For the Alarm mode, the Ec Vision gun alarm is your creative alarm clock to walk up faster in the morning. You have 2 alarm clock modes to choose from

  • Normal mode: with this mode, you need to shoot the target only once to shut down the alarm clock (or you could press the M button instead)
  • Hard mode: with this mode, you have to shoot the target 5 shots to stop the alarm clock (or you could press the M button instead)

More about Gun Alarm Clock

Ec Vision alarm clock with its target, alarm, and gun is made from high-quality material with the elegant design of a black gun to be a nice decoration for your desk or bedroom.

Ec Vision gun alarm has an ultra-clear LED screen with no glare that displays the time and other settings in a large red font. 

The gun alarm is silent, it doesn’t make any annoying sounds that could disturb your sleeping and the LED light of the screen is non-radiant and eye-friendly.

Personalized Ringtone

Ec Vision gun alarm clock can record your favorite song or private audio clip ringtone and play it in the morning as your alarm song.

Ec Vision gun shooting alarm clock is a recreational way to wake up and a nice gift that your children will love.

Gun Alarm Clock Review

Ec Vision shoot alarm clock has been sold hundreds of times and achieved a review score of 3.8/5 from 500+ users on Amazon.

Below are some reviews from real users who bought the gun alarm clock and left their reviews on Amazon.


  • “I was a snooze abuser no doubt it did the trick hard to go back to sleep when I have to jump up walk across the room and shoot a target half asleep”
  • “I was really hesitant to order this based on the SUPER mixed reviews, but we have been thrilled! The mechanism for the target works perfectly, the alarm noise takes a little getting used to (supposed to be the sound of gunfire) but after about 2 nights my husband woke up to it without me poking him ; ). The game mode is a huge hit for all the men in my family, and I really like the numbers on the clock are dimmed until the alarm actually goes off; no red glare all night. Overall, I’m so glad I risked it!”


  • “Fun & the shooting target works well. The setup is a little confusing, but if you have the patience to read the instructions a few times, that helps. Don’t throw the instructions away because you’ll need them again for sure! 🙂 The toy gun is all black, it looks real! If they would have made it a fun color so it was more obvious that it was just a toy, I’d give it another star. The alarm could be louder too. Heavy sleepers might have a hard time waking up.”
  • “Don’t get this for your house, it’s best for a nephew or if you don’t like someone’s parents. It’s fun but annoying”
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Full Specifiction

    • Power: Battery Powered (4 AA batteries, not Included)
    • Material: Plastic
    • Dimensions: 185.83″W x 224.8″H
    • Weight: 0.95 Pounds
    • Two Modes: (Alarm & Playing)
    • LED screen
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