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Hion is smart a anti-motion sickness glasses that help you overcome carsick, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and other symptoms of motion sickness.

Are you frustrated by seasickness, and the inability to enjoy the scenery on your long trips? Are you bored with feeling useless while traveling because you have motion sickness when you try to read a book or focus on something? All this is over thanks to Hion’s motion sickness glasses!

Hion motion sickness goggles are simple and portable glasses that can help with motion sickness symptoms while traveling by car, sea, or any way.

The science: How do motion sickness glasses work?

Motion sickness occurs when our brain perceives conflicting signals about our movement and the motion of our surroundings from the eyes and the inner ear. That happens when you experience a lot of motion like when you are in a car or boat.

 When that happens, your brain gets confused and doesn’t know whether you’re stationary or moving. That brain’s confusion is what makes you feel sick.

Hion nausea eyeglasses are framed by four circular rims two in front and one ring on each side. 

Those rims are tubular and filled with brightly colored liquid. The level of this liquid moves as your vehicle moves turns, etc. That movement of the liquid creates an artificial horizon in the users’ vision, Which re-synchronizes the eyes with the balance system.

Hion motion sickness glasses are simple, safe and have no side effects. 

How to use the Motion Sickness Glasses

Using Hion motion sickness glasses is simple: 

When you feel dizzy while in the car, airplane, or at the sea, just put on the goggles for 10 to 12 minutes, staring at a stationary object such as a smartphone or a book, and you will start feeling the sickness symptoms are disappearing. Then you could take the glasses off when you don’t feel dizzy and its effect will continue.

Glasses Material

Motion sickness glasses are made of soft-touch and elastic TPE material with strong antioxidant capabilities that are widely used in baby products. 

Motion sickness glasses are foldable, and made from durable lightweight material to last for years to come with a comfortable and safe nose pad design to ensure the glasses will not fall off easily and will fit all head sizes and shapes.

Use cases

Motion sickness glasses can be used for the prevention of sea sickness, car sickness, aircraft sickness, and any other travel sickness.

It works for riding, boating, playing high-altitude rotating games, flying, and playing wearable video games or computer games. 


Please, note that although Hion motion sickness glasses were reported to work effectively for 95% of the testers and eliminate the symptoms of motion sickness. 

The goggles are not guaranteed to eliminate 100% of the symptoms or to work for all people, its effect may vary from one person to the other.

Hion anti-motion sickness smart glasses Reviews

Hion nausea glasses have been sold thousands of times and got a review score of ⅘ on Amazon submitted by 3000+ users.

Below are some reviews from reals users who bought and used the motion sickness glasses and left their honest reviews on Amazon.


  • “I got this for my kid for our winter road trip. I was a bit skeptical about my kid might not use it. To my surprise my kid loved it. My kid used it all the way through a 4-day long 2k road trip. No complaints of nausea or vomiting sensation. Our entire trip was so pleasant compared to the previous ones. I recommend this. It may be a bit uncomfortable due to its sturdy build. Maybe a bit of cushion around the nose bridge would make it more comfortable.”
  • “Worked great! As someone who is incredibly prone to car sickness, I recently survived a 6-hour car trip without any nausea! I also was able to read and do work on a laptop with no problem! Usually, those activities in the car trigger my car sickness, but I didn’t feel a thing! You look a little goofy wearing them, but definitely worth it if you are anything like me”


  • “The glasses arrived all weirdly bent so they absolutely won’t sit on my face correctly. The nose piece is too narrow (and I have a very annoyingly small face) and hurts my nose pretty bad. The side rings and ear arm things are twisted out a ton, causing the glasses to fall off my face super easily. But with all that said… I think they are actually helping some. Yeah, I have to hold them on and I arrive with a painful red patch on the bridge of my nose. But my car sickness is alleviated some when I wear them. So for product quality and condition: 1 star. But for surprising effectiveness: 4 stars. Waiting to hear back from the seller to see if there’s a way for me to bend them into the right shape or something”
  • “These glasses totally work but they are just too small for an adult and the area that rests on the nose cuts into your nose so you can’t leave them on very long which defeats the purpose of having them on for a long car ride. Note: I did make other adults try them on in case I just had a big head.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: Durable TPE material.
    • Side Effects: No side-effects
    • Lenses: Lensless
    • Dimensions:  4.72 x 1.97 x 1.18 inches
    • Weight: 2.4 Ounces
    • Waterproof
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