The Cooluli Classic 10L Mini Fridge is a versatile 2-in-1 cooler and warmer that offers portability, convenience, and efficient temperature control. With its lightweight design and EcoMax™ Technology, it’s the perfect solution for keeping your food, drinks, skincare products, and medications at the ideal temperature, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road.

Main Features

1. EcoMax™ Technology: This advanced technology ensures powerful cooling and warming capabilities while remaining energy efficient and quiet.

2. Lightweight and Portable Design: With molded inset handles and a compact size, the Cooluli Mini Fridge is easy to carry and transport, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go use.

3. Versatile Cooling and Warming: Switch effortlessly between cooling and warming modes to accommodate a variety of items, from cold drinks to warm lunches.

4. No Compressors or Freons: The Cooluli Mini Fridge operates without the use of freons, coolants, or compressors, making it eco-friendly and safe for everyday use.


The Cooluli Mini Fridge lives up to its promise of convenience and versatility. It cools down to 35°-40°F below ambient temperature and warms up to 149°F, ensuring that your items stay at the perfect temperature regardless of the external conditions. The EcoMax™ Technology delivers powerful and efficient performance, while the lightweight design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Ideal for Various Uses

Whether you’re storing food, drinks, skincare products, medications, or even beauty essentials, the Cooluli Mini Fridge has you covered. Its spacious interior and multiple functions make it perfect for a wide range of applications, from road trips to office lunches to skincare routines.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Setting up and using the Cooluli Mini Fridge is a breeze. Simply plug it into an AC outlet at home or in the office, or use the included DC power cord for on-the-go use. The unit is equipped with convenient features like molded inset handles for easy carrying and a one-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

Cooluli Mini Fridge Review

Overall, the Cooluli Classic 10L Mini Fridge is a compact and convenient solution for keeping your items at the perfect temperature wherever you go. Its lightweight design, versatile cooling and warming capabilities, and advanced EcoMax™ Technology make it a must-have for anyone in need of portable temperature control. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a busy professional, or simply looking for a convenient way to store your essentials, the Cooluli Mini Fridge delivers on all fronts.

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Full Specifiction

    • Materials: Polypropylene Plastic – Aluminum – ABS Plastic
    • Power: 100-120V  –  12V/5A
    • Inernal Dimensions: 133 x 200 x 140 mm
    • External Dimensions: 194 x 275 x 260.4 mm
    • Weight: 4 lbs/1.8 kg
    • Capacity: 4 litre
    • 2-in-1: Cooler & Warmer
    • Removable Shelf & Basket
    • With Built-in Handle
    • Noise Level: Only 28 db
    • With 3 Power Options: Eco Mode USB – Car Power DC 12V – Wall Outlet AC 100-120V



    • Warning: May not be safe for medicine
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