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Moki step is a step for your car doors that enables you to access the roof of your car easily and instantly without any complex setup or installation.

Simply attach it to your car door latches and start loading your cargo bags and boxes or getting your gear on or off.

Universal and portable

Moki car door latch step is multi-functional, it can be hooked to the door latch of any vehicle, whether it is a sedan or van, and can be used with the u-shaped latch of any door whether the front or rear one.

The step is also portable and lightweight to fit into your center console, spare tire compartment,
Or your glove box.

Durable & sturdy car door step

Moki car doorstep is a patented step that was made with your needs in mind. It bears heavy weight up to 400lb so you can load and strap down your cargo. Whether it’s a canoe, kayak, skis, snowboard, or bike.

The step is also wide enough to support both feet thanks to its extended platform so you can have a balanced and comfortable position while standing. That way you don’t need any supportive step stools or ladders to load your cargo or when you are standing for long times like when you are washing your car roof.

More about Moki Car door step

Safe on your car or vehicle

This innovative latch step is a patented successful product that was featured on Shark Tank and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and then coated with a rubber bumper to be safe on your vehicle’s door finish.

How to use this step-up hook?

Moki car hook is easy to use with no technical setup required:

  • Attach the step hook to the latch of your vehicle within seconds.
  • Stand on it and load or strap down your gear
  • Go down, unhook it, and go!

Moki Door Step Review

Moki door step has been featured on shark tank with a value of $3 million dollars. The product is a best seller on Amazon with 5000+ sales.

Below are some reviews from real users who used the product


  • “Works as intended & now I can actually access the roof of my SUV which as 5’4″ meant I previously had to have my fiance clean off debris or use a broom & hope I didn’t scratch anything. Can’t wait to test out with my roof rack (not included) which I couldn’t reach without a ladder before!”
  • “Easy to use! Great way to get to the rack on the top of a tall SUV”
  • “Works great. Definitely a must-have if you don’t want to step on your seats to access rooftop racks or cargo carriers.”


  • “The step is very sturdy and easy to use. However, upon the first use of the step on the rear door of my VW Atlas, the bottom of the step made a very large, noticeable dent in the door frame.
  • “There is a lot of pressure concentrated in a very small area of the door frame. I believe, the step may work better on vehicles where the frame is completely perpendicular to the roof, i.e. front doors of vehicles.”
  • “It said it was universal fit..but didn’t fit my 2022 Nissan pathfinder.”

The negative reviews of the Moki latch hook are mainly about the step that affect the car frame and that it doesn’t fit some types of cars or trucks

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Full Specifiction

    • Product Dimensions: ‎8.75 x 3 x 5.25 inches
    • Weight: 0.8 Kilograms (under 2 lbs)
    • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum
    • 400lb weight capacity
    • Rubber bumper coated
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