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LapLok is a desk security lock for laptops, tablets, and bags that doesn’t require a lock slot.

Just by adhering the sticky mounting arm to the back of your laptop, locking your laptop to any surface like a table or desk, then finally, setting your 3-digit pin code, you can go wherever you want and be 100% assured that your laptop is safe.

LapLok is powered by a 100-decibel security alarm that will be triggered if anyone attempted to steal your device while it’s locked.

This laptop desk security device enables you to lock your laptop in public spaces like cafes, shared workspaces, and airports easily and within seconds with no need for a cable lock.

It’s portable to fit in your pocket, easy to use with no sophisticated setup required with a patented anti-theft design to keep your laptop safe without causing any harm to its body.

How to Use Laplok:

Make sure to set your unique 3-digit pin code before using Laplok and register it online so that the company can get you backed up in case you forgot it. Then

  • Adhere the semi-permanent adhesive mounting arm to the back of your laptop after cleaning it with the included cleaning wipe & primer. 
  • Adjust the lower arm of LapLok to the height of the table or the surface you want to install your laptop on. 
  • Place LapLok into the mount of the locking arm attached to your laptop and lock it

And now you are ready to go!

Once you are back and want to use your laptop, simply hit your pin code, pull off your LapLok, and back to work!

The New Anti Theft Device Use cases:

For Tablets:

LapLok isn’t only for laptops. It’s compatible with tablets too, and if you have multiple laptops or tablets, you can get an additional arm strap mount so you can use your LapLok on multiple devices.

BagLok for Bags:

BagLok is an add-on for bags that works seamlessly with your LapLok to hold your backpack, briefcase, or purse firmly with its tough, anti-theft loop and steel braided cord. Simply loop BagLok around your bag and attach the ends of BagLok to your LapLok bag peg.

Cable locks: LapLok can work with any cable lock. Just attach your cable lock to your laptop port and then to LapLok.

LapLok Versions:

LapLok company is testing new versions of LapLok like LapLok Pro, LapLok G, PortLok, and SelfLok.

  • LapLok Pro™ features the same security functionality as LapLok, but also includes a security application paired with your smartphone with features such as changing your security pin, adjusting alarm volume, silence mode enablement, Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 50 feet, and other custom notification settings.
  • LapLok G features all of the same convenience & functionality as LapLok™ in a more elegant and modern design similar to popular computer accessories & electronic brands.
  • PortLok is an innovative alternative to using the mount arm strap to connect your device to LapLok. Instead, it uses the lock slot on the side of your computer, and it’s made out of high-strength steel that is uncuttable with typical household tools.
  • SelfLok is also another alternative for users who do not have a port lock slot and do not want to attach a bottom strap to their device.

About LapLok Company:

Founded by father-son duo Paul & Ryan Angott who have been involved in entrepreneurship and marketing, LapLok company holds the vision of “Be the most innovative security brand for people who want to work just about anywhere”.

LapLok is now available for sale on Indiegogo and shipping is available in the US with plans for further expansion in the future.

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Full Specifiction

    • Body Material: LapLok is built out of hardened steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and ultra-strong glass-filled nylon plastic.
    • Size & Weight: LapLok is slightly bigger than a full-sized smartphone and weighs about 1 lb.
    • Mounting Arm: A semi-permanent adhesive mounting arm attaches easily to the bottom of any laptop or tablet and sticks firmly to keep your device safe without causing harm to the body of your device. (The mounting arm is thin enough to not make your laptop wabble.
    • Mounting Arm Removal: You can take off the mounting arm easily within 5 minutes using something like a razor blade without causing any harm to your laptop or leaving any marks or scratches on its surface.
    • Anti-wobble rubber feet: 4 small self-adhesive rubber feet are provided to be attached to the bottom of your laptop so it becomes 100% steady.
    • Battery life: Estimated battery life is 3 years (on normal usage of 2-3 times per week).
    • Safe on tables: LapLok system uses soft but sturdy rubber padding to grip the table firmly without causing any severe damage to the holding table. It has been tested on dozens of different table types.
    • Alarm: LapLok has an adjustable 100-Decibel Alarm that will be triggered and grab the attention of the surrounding people if anyone attempted to move your locked laptop.

    Note: Avoid installing the arm strap over any laptop vents in order to prevent overheating.


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