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Foldable keyboard is an ultra-thin keyboard that combines the portability of mobile devices and functionality of the traditional office keyboards so you can work from wherever you want.

When collapsed the foldable keyboard is portable and smaller than a paperback to fit into your bag while traveling. and when unfolded it is your nifty ergonomic keyboard to rely on doing the hard typing work.

Ergonomic keyboard for traveling

The unfoldable keyboard is ultra-thin with ergonomic high-precision scissor-switch keys for touch typing. 

With this foldable gadget, your productivity and efficiency are as much as they are in your traditional working environment no matter where you are. Just unfold it connect it to your device and boom!

Multi-device & Universal!

This nifty foldable gadget is both multi-device and universal. 

  • It’s compatible with laptops, computers, smartphones, or tablets. 
  • Compatible with all operating systems (OSs) including Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Can be connected using a USB port _like your traditional keyboard_ or via a wireless connection or Bluetooth.

More about the Foldable keyboard

Design & Portability

This ergonomic ultra-thin folding keyboard has a tri-fold design that flips out to 11.5 inches when unfolded and shrinks back to ⅓ of that width when collapsed. 


The keyboard body consists of an anodized aluminum shell that houses high-precision scissor switches with smooth and instant responses.


This gadget comes with a USB quick-charge Li-Ion battery that can give you hours of power in a few minutes of charging and can last for weeks under a full charge.

That means you don’t have to worry about charging your keyboard if you are doing a lot of traveling. 

Elegant Case

It comes in a cool case that turns into an elegant stand for your working office.


Plugable foldable keyboard has a review score of 4.5/5 on Amazon submitted by 500+ customers who bought and used the product.

Below are some reviews from real users who used the product


“My laptop has a couple of keys that stopped working and I was unable to get it fixed right away so I bought this. I absolutely love this thing it’s so portable and light and as soon as you unfold it, it connects to the device you already paired it to right away and I have had no issues with battery life. It’s not died on me yet but I do charge it every couple of days because I am unsure if it lets you know how low the battery is or not but no complaints at all the quality is really good. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about buying it for my situation it helped so much it was worth every penny.”

“Connects with iPhone very quickly and has a solid feeling when typing. Battery life seems very good and I like that the case doubles as a holder for the iPhone and is very easy to carry along.”


“It doesn’t work unless using the text messaging app. Doesn’t work on FB and cuts out 3 times a day.”

“I am using this keyboard with a Samsung Tablet (Android). The keyboard will keep disconnecting from the Tablet, which causes me to have to wait for the keyboard to reconnect before I can continue typing. If I don’t notice the keyboard has disconnected, I drop a text while I am taking notes in class (not good). Worse yet, using the MS Word App, the shift key doesn’t work – outside the App, the shift key works, inside the App it doesn’t.”

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Full Specifiction

    • Compatible Devices: Phones, Tables, PC, Mac, Laptops
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless, USB
    • Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows, OS X
    • Number of Keys: 78
    • Battery: USB-rechargeable Lithium Li-Ion battery
    • Dimensions: 11.5 x 4.75 x 0.75 inches
    • Weight: 0.97 ounces
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