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Thera Wave is a smart vibrating foam roller that enables you to roll out different muscle groups like the hamstrings, quads, and back and body parts easily and effectively.

Foam rolling has proven to increase the range of motion, reduce back pain, and decrease muscle soreness after workouts. But what makes normal foam rollers less effective is that human body muscles have different structures and sizes, and thus require a different way of stretching. 

With a traditional foam roller, you need to roll out large muscle groups different from small ones and sometimes you need outer pressure to reach deep muscles. Introducing Thera Wave.

Thera Wave roller combines vibration with innovative wave foam texture to deliver a complete, full-body foam rolling experience


Wave Roller combines vibration with innovative wave foam texture to deliver a complete, full-body relief. 

The asymmetrical, wave-shaped grooves provide the texture and traction needed to apply optimal pressure across different body areas, like the hip and upper back. With 5 levels of vibration intensity that you can adjust to the muscle group, you are rolling out.

For different body parts and muscle groups

Rolling out different muscle groups using a traditional foam roll takes too much time and isn’t effective with deep muscles or large muscle groups. 

Wave smart roller can effectively reach deep muscles and put pressure on large ones thanks to its adjustable vibration levels and innovative silicone wave grooves.

Design & Connectivity

Wave smart vibrating foam roller is made with hypo-allergenic EVA high-density foam for advanced sound insulation. Wave texture is designed with silicone wave grooves to add an additional dimension of pressure to the muscle while providing superior traction control.

Bluetooth-connected & App-connected

Wave Roller is Bluetooth enabled allowing you to connect to the Therabody app for personalized recovery routines, releasing soreness and increasing range of motion.


Wave smart vibrating roller comes with:

  • Protective carrying pouch
  • Power Adapter. 
  • 12V internal Lithium-ion Battery (180 minutes battery life)

Therabody Wave Roller Review

Therabody is a well-established company in the wellness sector and has successfully launched tens of innovative and successful products over the years.

Wave series roller has a review score of 4.5 on Amazon submitted by 340+ users.

Below are some reviews for Wave roller from real users who bought the product and left their reviews on Amazon.


  • “So far… does just what it says. My PT guy has a similar one and that is why I decided to look for one. We use it for back massages. Awesome. One negative is that it could easily slip out of your hands (My PT guy’s is more grippy foam), but this is not an issue – I got rubbery gloves to better hold it when giving my husband a massage. All good”
  • “I had completed a half marathon (walked) and my Hamstrings/Quads were very tight. My friend loaned me her Wave Roller to use. It relieved the tightness after two sessions. She said I would love it and I did. I ordered one 2 days later.”


  • “Wanted to like this more. The handhelds are great. This is not much better than a regular roller. And it vibrates the whole house!!”
  • “This product is great at loosening muscles and easing aches and pains. At times the bulkiness can be cumbersome depending on the body part being targeted but overall the product is great. Loosens up the muscles easily and muscle pain/aches are eliminated. Battery lasts a long time.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: Hypo-allergenic EVA high-density foam
    • Battery: 12V internal Lithium-ion Battery (180 minutes life)
    • Vibration: 5 vibration intensity levels
    • Advanced sound insulation
    • Dimensions:13.39 x 8.46 x 6.1 inches
    • Weight: 6.24 Pounds
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