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Sumo rod holder is a rod rack that can be mounted to the top of your car to carry fishing rods.

Transporting fishing rods could be messy especially if you are transporting multiple, large rods or driving for a long distance. The Sumo rod carrier is an innovative product to make fishing a more enjoyable and easier activity.

About Sumo Rod Holders

Sumo rod holders have an innovative design that offers a lot of choices for fixing positions. 

Rod Hoder For Different Car Types

It has ball and socket connections and vertical pivots so that it can be mounted in different places on your car. It can be positioned out of the line of direct sight for the driver and the passenger.

Highly Adhesive Suction Mounts

Sumo rod holders have 4 independent and strong “lever-lock” suction mounts with superior adhesion that can withstand higher speeds, crosswinds, and rough roads. The suction works great on windshields and sunroofs and can be interchanged with Magnet Mounts for cars with steel hoods and roofs. (magnet mounts are sold separately)

Higher Stability and Less Clutter

The Sumo rod mount has double straps that can fix your rods in place by maintaining a firm pressure on them cushioned by the foam pads preventing side movement. Sumo fishing rods can be staggered so that the reels don’t interfere with each other.

With Sumo rod holders you can transport up to 6 rods of all types and sizes all at once no matter how large they are or how long or rough the road is.

Sumo Rod Holder Reviews


  • “Skeptical at first since I had a road trip coming up that consisted of mainly highway speeds. On the way down I placed on the rods no reels (3 total) and after about 200 miles at 75mph. The darn thing didn’t go anywhere. Felt lazy on the way back up and kept the reels on this time. The rod holder? Solid as a rock. I would say any reel larger than 5000 would maybe have trouble fitting.”
  • “These rod mounts work perfectly for me. Unobtrusive. Suction is great; I don’t see a need for magnets unless you intend to, drive at high speeds. Easy to mount and dismount. Flexible and lightweight. Mounts can adjust to fit a car or SUV at any angle. Great product overall.”


  • “I like this product. I have used it for two years (an average of 3-4 trips per year). I don’t take it on the highway because of my 300$ rod and my brother’s 400$ rod, I wouldn’t trust titanium…. Silly, I think to ask a rod holder to do that much resistance (inertia) Just break down the rod, guys!!! That being said I have emailed 3 times to inquire about replacing the “bungee” cord part with no response”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: ‎Alloy Steel
    • Max Number of Rods:  6 Rods
    • Suction Mounts:  4 independent lever-lock mounts
    • Dimensions: 14.21 x 10.51 x 5.12 inches
    • Weight: ‎2.65 Pounds
    • Interchangeable with Magnet Mounts
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