Stealth core trainer is a smart plank board that can  push you beyond your limits in core training without leaving your home and without exhaustive or boring workouts.

It enables you to play games on your smartphone and respond with your core muscles to train your Abs, eliminate the pain of working out and make the experience more entertaining.

Core Training Board

No pain, No gain: every athlete knows it.

Working out and building body strength requires persistence, commitment, and willpower and ABs training is not an exception, it’s just more painful.

The Stealth fitness board makes Abs training more engaging, enjoyable, and less painful by enabling you to control the game on your smartphone and respond to its commands using your core muscles’ strength. 

With Stealth Abs trainer you can get a strong core in less than 3 minutes a day.

How to Use Stealth Core Trainer

  • Simply, use your smartphone to choose your favorite game from the stealth app.
  • Put your smartphone into the recessed opening on the Stealth board.
  • Hold a normal plank position while placing your forearms on the Stealth board.
  • Now enjoy the game while interacting with your core muscles right or left.

With Stealth core trainer you no longer need to do boring planks, sit-ups, or crunches! Stealth entertaining core games are all that you need.

Supoerior Core Training Machine

Stealth core trainer is a driving wheel-shaped board with arms and a digital screen so you can play games and respond to the game with your core muscles’ movement.

The interactive core trainer has a wide surface that is fully padded for extra comfort and easy maintenance with a recessed opening that fits any smartphone size.And it can support up to 300ibs of weight.

Stealth Abs board features a proprietary design and rests upon a 360-degree micro movement sphere to engage your core muscles at every angle to the full range of motion for a superior dynamic core training experience.

Stealth App Program and Results

Stealth core training app contains 4 free games to choose from without a subscription and new premium games get released monthly!

Using the app you can track your daily progress and see a real-time Worldwide Leaderboard and you can create your own challenges and compete with your friends and family.

Compatibility: The Stealth app is universal and compatible with both iOS & Android.

Stealth Core Trainer Games

The Stealth board comes with a free fitness app that includes 4 games:

  • Stealth Speed Gliding
  • Color Chase
  • Galaxy Adventure
  • Space Escape

Stealth Core Trainer Reviews

Stealth core trainer got featured on Men’sHealth, Women’sHealth, Health magazines are more. The company sold 550,000+ units since its launch date and the product has a 4.5/5 star review on Amazon, submitted by 1,400+ customers who bought the core board.

Below are some reviews for Stealth board from real users who used the product and submitted their reviews on Amazon.

  • “Best part – gets you in the right direction. What I mean: started with the trainer, and now – I’m doing core and abdominal exercises on my own. Did I have to pass through point A to get to point B? I don’t know, but I really feel the trainer got me in the right direction!!”
  • “I use the STEALTH trainer every day. I’m almost 60 and actually have a six-pack for the first time in my life.”
  • “This piece of equipment is easy to use sturdy and showed up earlier than was promised. And even my ten-year-Olds can use and actually enjoy doing PLANKS. Whoever thought something could make you enjoy doing planks”


  • “Complete waste of money. Board is big, not stable, and limited game apps to play unless you purchase them monthly”
  • “This is extremely overpriced. It is a piece of plastic. No technology. No electronics. You simply download a cheap game app that you follow on your phone. No interaction between the app to the product. They actually want you to pay more money to use the app which is appalling.”
  • “Said they’d be developing new apps to use. If course they never mentioned they were developing a subscription model so it’s either pay more or use only the original apps. Classic bait and switch. Dishonest and misleading!!! Beware.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with fully padded surface
    • Maximum Weight to bear: 250 Pounds
    • Product Weight: 6.16 Kilograms
    • Dimensions: 26 x 24 x 6.5 inches
    • App Compatibility: iOS/Android
    • Games included: 4 free games
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