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Splay is a patented 2-in-1 device: stretchable unbreakable monitor + Ultra-Short-Throw Pico Projector. 

Splay can easily transform from a large portable screen for your laptop, computer or gaming to an ultra-short-throw pico projector with a click of a button with no need for technical configuration or sophisticated setup.

About the Stretchable Projection Screen:

Splay screen is made from a patented innovative display material that can fully fold while mitigating wrinkles and without getting broken so you can carry it in your travels safely. Then it can expand again in all directions to be transformed into an HD screen with 800 nits.

The projection monitor is much closer to LCD. Its projector has the shortest throw ratio of any portable projector (only 0.39) so you can use it no matter how narrow is your area whether in your car, home, office or while camping.

Splay pop-up device is portable (only 2.5 ibs) and a fraction of the price of any comparable Ultra-short-throw projector on the market. It is the largest portable display you can find and the only portable ultra-short-throw pico projector. 

Portable Monitor For Travelling:

Splay can be used as a dual-screen, for camping, traveling, video games, trade shows, and more. With this new pop-up monitor you can travel worry-free about carrying s large HD screen because Splay is unbreakable and can fold to take much less space in your bag.

Splay As a Power bank:

Splay can work as a power bank to charge your devices when you don’t have access to electricity, just connect it to your devices via the USB port in its back and it will start charging immediately.

How To Use Splay:

Just take it out of its case then you can switch between (Projector mode & Screen mode) with a click of a button.

  • For Screen mode, just push out the slider on the back and it will pop up/expand easily. 
  • For the Projector mode, just remove the retractable arms plug in your HDMI cable (or wireless HDMI adapter), and switch it on!

You can adjust the brightness of the screen and the focus as you want from the buttons 

on the device body.

Splay (2 in 1) Price:

Splay is a fraction of the price of buying an ultra-short-throw 1080 projector with a portable display not to mention the non-breakable large screen that can be collapsed to fit into your backpack easily.

You can get Splay now starting from $699 USD with many packages available.

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Full Specifiction

    • Screen: Patented expandable screen type that stays wrinkle-free no matter how many times it’s folded and unfolded. 


    • Projector: HD Patented ultra-short-throw pico projector 
    • Throw ratio : 0.39
    • Devices Compatibility: Projector is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and gaming devices.
    • Auto vertical keystone: If you tilt the projector upwards, the image automatically corrects.


    • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080
    • Screen Size: Display mode: 24.5” (16:9) || Projector mode: 80” (16:9)
    • Brightness: Display mode: 800 Nits || Projector mode: 260 Lumens
    • Effecient in shaded and shiny places.
    • Audio: Built-in stereo speaker.
    • Tripod Mountable provided.
    • Arms: Patented ruggedized retractable arms
    • Power Cable: USB-C Cable 
    • Battery Life: 4 hours on minimum brightness or 1.5 hours on maximum brightness. (Can work as a power bank).
    • Connection Compatibility: Compatible with any HDMI device, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation (HDMI cable or wireless adapter).
    • Dimensions:

                    • Expanded size: 24.5″ diagonal (16:9 display)

                    • Chassis depth: 7.5″

                    • Projected depth: 8″

                    • Storage size: width 6.3, height 1.5″, length 7.5″

                    • Weight: 2.5 pounds (the ultra-short-throw projectors in the market weigh around 5 pounds or more and take up more volume than Splay).


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