Altwork is an ergonomic workstation that you can customize every part of it to remove the pressure on any part of your body during your long working days.

Zero Gravity Workstation

With Altwork workstation you can adjust the monitor, desk, chair, headrest, seat back, leg rest, palm rest, and more!

What makes this reclining workstation amazing is that you can adjust all the above Desk parts in all directions! You can adjust the height, the angle, distance from you. Moreover, you can take all your customizations and lie down enjoying your horizontal desk without worrying about gravity forces! Because as you see; Altwork is a zero-gravity workstation.

Reclining Computer Desk

You know that moment when you have been working for X hours and still have a lot to do but your body feels exhausted that you can’t set anymore? 

Altwork reclining computer desk is made for these moments; just adjust your body to the position you want and your smart zero gravity desk with follow!

Altwork Lay-down Workstation Modes

Altwork is the ideal desk for an ergonomic working environment; you can choose from different possible positions that would fit you like standing, sitting, sleeping, reclining or any position in between!

Standing Mode

You can use Altwork as a standing chair to move your lower back and thigh muscles and maintain your mobility while doing your work. Just stand up and the monitor with its mount will move with you! You can then adjust the monitor height, position & angle easily.

Sitting Mode

In the seated position you can keep your feet on the floor for a traditional working desk or use the multi-piece leg rest to support your legs by keeping them off the floor so you can remove any stress or force on your knees, ankles, or lower back muscles.

Sleeping/ Reclining Mode

To increase your blood circulation and enjoy a zero-gravity experience you can change Altwork into a horizontal desk. To get into that unique position just adjust your backrest, headrest, and screen to fit your posture then all your customizations will stick with you as you lay down in a horizontal position.

The reclining computer desk has magnets to keep your keyboard and your mouse from falling or getting affected by the gravity forces.

Low-back Ergonomic Chair

Altwork station with its full customization is built with one purpose in mind; to help you maintain your productivity to accomplish your work goals in an optimal working environment while staying healthy. For that reason, it was designed taking into consideration the comfort of every body part from the lower back, neck, shoulders, wrists, knees, and blood circulation. 

So whenever you feel there is pressure or soreness on any of your body parts or joints you can adjust your position and your Altwork chair position for a more comfortable & healthier one.

Altwork Station Review

To know more about the quality and effectiveness of Altwork; here are some reviews from real users who tried the zero-gravity workstation:


  • The configuration and adjustments are so sticky: users are happy with how sticky the configuration you make as you lay down or stand up and go back to your old position.  (Actually, that’s one of the key points that Altwork designers focused on in order to achieve the zero-gravity laying down experience.)
  • High quality: All user reviews are complimenting the Altwork team for the quality and durability of Altwork and the high value they are getting for the price they pay.
  • Good for health: A lot of users with health injuries from lower back pain, lumbar spine injury, or leg operation injury, are happy & satisfied with this workstation.
  • Comfortable and customizable: being able to change your position the way you want with a few inches or even one inch in any direction is making a huge difference for users.
  • Keep you focused and keeps your neck healthy: More users who have to work long hours are reporting that they can stay focused for longer than they used to before Altwork. Further, they never complain about muscle soreness, neck pain, or bad gestures.
  • Less Space: Altwork requires less floor space than a standard work desk and it’s easier to move around that its other substitutes. (this advantage gives it an additional competitive advantage and value that many users admired).
  • Value for money: Altwork is not an option if you are looking for a cheap workstation but as many users confirm it’s good value for money.


  • Not for left-handed people: Altwork _as some users complain_ is so right-handed that it may not be a good fit for left-handed people.
  • The backrest gap: the gap between the seat and backrest in Altwork design, also got some complaints, especially from tall users who extend the backrest to its full range as they feel part of their body is floating in space. To get over this problem one of the users used a memory foam pillow to fill that gap and it worked for him.
  • The headrest needs to be extended: More than one user complained about the headrest. Needs to be able to get extended more just for the reclining mode so you be able to look at the keyboard without lifting your head. _Although that position will put extra pressure on the neck and cause headaches it is still a valid complaint that more than one user talked about_

Altwork Chair Price

The US company Altwork has put more than $10 million into developing this product and their team spent 80,000 hours of research into about 15 prototypes and 10 patents to come up with this unique ergonomic workstation.

Altwork zero gravity desk is now available in two models:

Altwork Flex: The base version of Altwork without standing mode with both headrest and leg position adjustments should be made manually. It is placed at $4,950.00

Altwork Signature: The premium, automatic, and more customizable version is placed at $7,950.00.

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Full Specifiction

    • Magnetic desk with magnets that attach to keyboard and mouse.
    • Compatibility: compatible with any 100x100mm monitor & up to 40 lbs laptop weight.
    • Compatibility: compatible with Apple Magic Mouse.
    • Desk dimensions:  29″ wide x 16″ deep.
    • Caple management: Altwork comes with a cable management system that runs vertically and horizontally up to the monitor
    • Power: 110v or 220v.
    • User height & weight: Max weight 250 lbs with a height between 5’1″ and 6’6″ (the company offer more customized devices beyond these size on demand)
    • Cover material: Altwork covers are made of high-durable Nylon.
    • Dimension:

    • 35″ width

                  • 72″ length in full recline position

                  • The total floor space required is 18 square feet.

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