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Osso is a VR platform for surgery training that enables healthcare professionals to stay on top of the latest procedures and train on the latest surgical instruments in a fully immersive experience without access to any equipment.

Osso VR introduces remote surgical collaboration by enabling surgeons, and hospital staff to train and collaborate together in the same virtual operating room virtually and from anywhere in the world practicing novel and sophisticated surgical skills with high accuracy to achieve the medical mastery required for surgeons.

It also enables surgical learning to be at scale by enabling medical-device companies to introduce their new surgical devices and train sales reps and surgeons virtually

Virtual Reality Medical School For Surgeons:

Using Osso VR, new calibers and surgeon assistants can join expert surgeons from around the world in virtual training sessions to learn best practices, procedures, and techniques. That way surgical expertise can be transformed internationally and passed to new surgeons with ease, Osso VR was able to achieve a 230-306% increase in skill transfer.

Osso VR Technology:

With Osso, surgeons can train on the latest instruments, capital equipment, and surgical robotics virtually and remotely in an immersive experience similar to real operating rooms with no need to have access to expensive surgical equipment. 

Osso is a safe, simple, and affordable solution for medical professionals to do the high-volume repetitions essential for mastering highly-sophisticated surgical skills.

HD Visuals & Realistic Precision Level:

Osso VR experiences are crafted, designed, and powered by some of the world’s most accomplished artists and medical illustrators to help accelerate learning, memorization, and mastery of complex workflows. It’s the peak of visual quality and clinical accuracy put into a realistic VR experience.

Data & Analytics:

Osso makes use of data to measure the performance of healthcare professionals through data-driven assessments and visualized dashboards to help them boost their performance and skill mastery.

Huge Surgical Training Library & Custom Experiences:

Osso has the world’s largest VR surgical training library to help keep healthcare professionals on top of the latest innovations and procedures that have the longest learning curves in medical surgery even if they don’t perform them frequently. And it does so in the fastest and most efficient way possible thanks to its data-based approach and virtual engaging experience.

Further; it makes it possible for experienced surgeons, surgical schools, or medical-device companies to build their own custom training experiences for any procedure they want in collaboration with the Osso team.

Osso VR Results:

Osso VR simulator managed to achieve a 230-306% increase in skill transfer, which shortens the learning curve and helps prepare a new generation of experienced and skilled surgeons in a fraction of the time.

Safe Alternative For Learning During Covid 19 Pandemic:

Osso Vr is an ideal solution for balancing social distancing, improving resident education, and maintaining patient safety all simultaneously.


“We are trying to balance social distancing, resident education, and patient safety all simultaneously. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, Osso VR has led the way in affordable and realistic virtual training for our medical students and orthopedic residents. The viral pandemic has ensured this technology is here to stay”

   Matthew Bullock, DO, MPT, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Marshall University & Associate Program Director for the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency |

Osso VR platform is now available on request for both hospitals and medical device companies on the company’s official website.

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Full Specifiction

    • • HD Visuals & Realistic Experience.
    • • 230-306% Increase In Skill Transfer.
    • • Custom Surgical Programs are Available.
    • • Data-driven Assessments And Visual Dashboards.
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