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Proto M is a tabletop holographic communication and media device that let you beam yourself and interact with your audience anywhere without boundaries.

Proto M enables you to appear with your full body not just your head and to interact with people anywhere with your whole body in 3D. 

This holographic communication solution is different from VR or AR, it doesn’t require your audience to wear any glasses or wearable devices. With Proto M, you are very real, with your whole body in 4k quality and 3D without any wearables.

“You can call it telepresence, or even holoportation, but it’s real right now.”

These are David Nussbaum’s words. The founder of Proto.

Proto M is a portable, sleek, and tabletop display that is capable of live streaming or displaying scheduled volumetric content. It’s both cloud-compatible and mobile-compatible.

Proto M Holographic Communication Usecases:

• Shopping: Proto M provides a very real online shopping experience so you can touch your product, and look at it from different angles to see how it works and what it looks like. It’s the next level of e-commerce.

• Entertainment: With Proto M, you can get into the game or the movie you are watching and live its events in an unmatched immersive experience. 

• Telemedicine: Proto M is a perfect tool for telemedicine appointments and health information that is shaping the future of telemedicine. Maybe you won’t have to visit your doctor in person again!

• Communication: Watching the picture of your loved ones while they speak is not enough, with Proto M you can meet and interact with them as if they were there in person!

• Fitness: With Proto M your personal trainer can remotely watch you, notice your very few moves and correct you. Just like when he is there in your room. Especially for sports and exercises with complex moves.

• NFTs: Now you can display your NFT collection as it was meant to be.

• Metaverse: Metaverse is coming and Pronto M will make it very soon with telepresence, recorded content, and more.

Proto M Software Compatibility:

Proto M holographic device is designed with powerful capabilities so it could be used on different occasions and for different purposes. It’s both mobile-compatible and cloud-compatible.

With Proto’s mobile app you can personalize your streaming experience with either live or prerecorded interactive content. You can create and manage your content instantly from your mobile device or use your mobile to stream it into your Proto M

Proto™ Cloud is an innovative global cloud-based platform created especially for Proto M with low latency and high speed to synchronize your content and beam it anywhere in the world. 

Proto M Price & Availability:

Proto M is now available in two versions and the shipping is available worldwide:

• Proto M Enterprise Starting at $5K

• Proto M Home Starting at $2K

You can get your Proto M device or find out more about it on the company’s official website.

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Full Specifiction

    • Customizable Design: Proto M has a tabletop modern design with a customizable mount to be used on a desk, stand, or wall, and easily transforms your view from portrait to landscape or vice versa.
    • Display: It has a high-Density Multitouch holographic display so you can engage and interact with your audience in 4k resolution.
    • Camera: AI-enabled smart motion camera.
    • Speakers: Proto M has mesh fabric-wrapped integrated speakers with 2 colors to choose from (white/dark)
    • Storage: 16GB RAM – 1TB Storage
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