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Vanzy is a wearable keyboard and mouse ring with universal gesture control that enables you to control your devices remotely with a single gesture.

Vanzy gesture control ring can replace your mouse, laptop touchpad, joystick, AR controller, VR controller, Presentation tool, and Ring mouse! It’s 7 in 1 wireless finger mouse!

Vancy Wearable Mouse Has 3 Modes:

Ring Mouse Mode:

With this mode, Vanzy becomes a multi-purpose gadget that you can use as a presentation remote control, or as a replacement for your earbuds while running, and much more. Vanzy ring can be worn on both left or right hands.

Gesture Mouse Mode:

This mode is making use of Artificial Intelligence technology to turn Vanzy into a gesture control ring so you can control different devices (like a laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV, etc) using your body gestures. Vanzy gesture control ring comes with ready gestures and can even learn your unique gestures. You can use this mode when your hands are busy while running, doing exercises, watching TV, or playing games.

Bar Mode

Vanzy comes with a Bar cradle with the primary function of being a charger, but in case you want to use Vanzy even while it’s charging, the Bar cradle can work as a gesture control device too.

Vancy Ring Usages:

Presentations and Lectures:

Vanzy can be used in presentations, lectures, or meetings for swiping slides, or writing pre-programmed symbols for explaining ideas and concepts as a replacement for the office presentation remote.

Also, it can be used for swiping and scrolling pages while reading on your tablet or Macbook with the ability to adjust swiping & scrolling speed or zoom in or out.

Media control:

Vanzy smart gesture recognition model gives you full control over your media while watching movies or any digital media. You can play, pause or change the sound volume just by using your gestures. 

You can even enjoy a higher level of media control while running, jogging, or exercising by playing, pausing, swiping audio tracks, changing sound volume, answering calls, and more with no need to pick up your phone from your pocket. Just turn your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the volume. And because Vanzy ring is waterproof you can use it while you are cooking or taking a shower!

Content Creation,Podcasting and Selfi:

If you are a podcaster or Youtuber then Vanzy is ideal for you. You can switch between your camera and laptop/tablet instantly or control multiple devices at once if you want.

And to capture the exact right moment you can ask Vanzy to take a Selfie picture using your gestures!

Meta mouse for VR/AR control and Gaming:

Vanzy is compatible with VR and AR glasses so you can control your virtual world just by moving your finger. And can turn your traditional smartphone game into a more interactive and exciting game thanks to its smart AI algorithms.

Vancy Finger Mouse Technology:

In one touch you can switch between gesture mode and mouse mode and use your little mouse ring to give your thumb control over all of your devices. The surface of “Vanzy ring” will work as a touchpad similar to your laptop touchpad to control not only your laptop but your TV, smartphone, and all your devices as well.

This wearable keyboard & mouse ring has an advancement over its latest version _Snowl_, especially for its high precision from far distances.

Vancy ring Gestures:

Vanzy comes with 11 powerful gestures available:

  • 7 gestures for the mouse ring
  • 4 for the gesture bar.

And you can use Vanzy app to teach your smart mouse your favorite gestures and patterns or even program specific gestures to start certain programs.

Vanzy uses 3D Position technology to process difficult-to-measure data more efficiently and advance its gesture recognition. Its 3D spatial sensor box, machine learning, and other combined technology modules can help you have mouse control over your TV, smartphone, VR, AR, and other devices of all kinds. 

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Full Specifiction

    • • Compatible with (Android, Windows 10+, Apple IOS 11+, iPadOS 13+, MacOS 11+)
    • • Colors: (metal ring: Gold & Silver) , (Silicone ring: Black)
    • • Ring Dimensions: 1.12 Inch x 0.49 inch x 0.36 inch
    • • Weight: 5g
    • • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
    • • Charger: USP C type
    • • Charging time: 30 min
    • • Operating distance: max. 10M 
    • • Made in Korea
    • • Water proof
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