Hoverglide is a moving backpack that bounces up and down while walking or running in response to body movement to reduce the impact of gravity force on your back and distribute the weight on different body parts.

The backpack suspension system can reduce impact forces and stress on the back, neck, knees, and ankles while walking or running by up to 86% resulting in smoother and more comfortable movement while carrying heavy weights.

Mechanism For Weightless Backpack:

During body movement, the weight on your back changes to reach 3x its real weight. But what Hoverglide does is that it allows the carried load _Your Backpack_ to seamlessly move up and down in response to your walking or running; So it goes down as your body goes up and vice versa. This keeps the load at a constant height with respect to the ground which reduces that 3x force significantly up to 86% and thus reduces the metabolic energy required from your body as you are moving.

Hoverglide Lightning Backpack Versions:

Hoverglide weightless backpack comes in different versions to fit different needs:

Camping & Hunting Backpack:

“Trekker” is the largest model of Hoverglide backpack with a capacity of 55L for outdoor enthusiasts to carry their gear, shoes, and luggage. It’s waterproof and can hold enough food for three-day trips with a hydration pocket for bottles. So whether you love mountain climbing trips, hunting trips, long hiking, or outdoor sports, Trekker is for you.

First Responders Backpack:

The “Tactical” model from Hoverglide with a capacity of 30L is made to reduce the heavy load on tough tasks that involve high physical movement like running, and climbing stairs and save your endurance so you can hold more gear and have less strain. It is ideal for first responders and military-like tasks. 

Commuter Backpack:

“Commuter” is the Hoverglide model for business professionals with a more classic and simple design and a capacity of 30L. It has a padded sleeve for your laptop with compression straps to secure it.


“Hicker” model is a lightweight traveling backpack ideal for shorter trips with the capacity of 30L to hold your essential gear in addition to extra pockets for water bottles, digital devices, documents, and wallets.

Hoverglide Testing & Review:

 Hoverglide was first built for the US military forces as a solution to help reduce the large loads that they have to carry while doing their tasks so it was gone through tough conditions to test its durability, reliability, and performance.

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Full Specifiction

    • Storage 20-55 Ls
    • Durable Military-grade plastic frame.
    • US military tested.
    • Water-repellent
    • Moisture-wicking air-mesh
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