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Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that tracks your water intake and makes sure you are well-hydrated throughout the day.

Getting enough amount of water every day is essential for different human body functions, it can regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, deliver nutrients to cells, keep organs functioning properly, and more. But staying well hydrated during a busy lifestyle is a real challenge and that’s why the Hidrate innovative bottle was made.

Hidrate smart bottle glows when its the time to drink water so that you can hit your daily hydrating goals.

How it works

To use Hidrate Spark bottle;

  • First, download the app
  • Set your goals of how many ounces you want to drink every day (or let the app calculate it for you based on your age, weight, sex, physical activity, etc).
  • Configure its settings like when you want to get reminded to drink throughout the day, how many times, do you want to get reminded via a glow or a phone notification or both, etc.

And now you are ready to go! 

Hidrate smart bottle with its patented hydration tracking sensors will track how much water you have drunk from inside the bottle and then sync your progress to the Spark app via Bluetooth which will compare it against your hydration goal. According to your progress, the smart bottle will flash throughout the day to remind you to take a sip.

Innovative Design

Hidrate Spark comes in multiple versions with different sizes to fit different needs. You can choose between

  • The vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle.
  • Or the lightweight, shatter, and odor-resistant Tritan ™ plastic. 

Both versions of the Hidrate Spark bottle can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours with no worries about condensation or wet hands. It also features a nice grip for easy holding, a protective spout cover, and a lock that keeps out dirt and germs and prevents spills. 

The smart flashing bottle is dishwasher safe, both its Bottle and lid. The sensor can be cleansed manually using a damp cloth.

Note that the Hidrate Spark bottle is not for hot liquids.

Hidrate Spark Battery

Hidrate bottle comes with a long-lasting replaceable battery that is conveniently located at the bottom of the bottle so you can easily replace it without missing a beat. When fully charged it can last for 10-14 days of daily regular, use.

It has a LED smart sensor “puck” that glows to remind you when it’s time to drink.

Hidrate Spark App

Hidrate app is very customizable, you can choose your preferred water measurement whether it’s ounces or milliliters, choose your light brightness, when to receive reminders, etc. You can even choose the glow color and pattern of your choice from the various options in the app.

In case you are in a hurry and can’t remember where you put your smart bottle, the Spark App can help you locate it via its location tracking.

Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle Reviews

Hidrate Spark company had sold thousands of its smart hydration tracking bottles on its official website and on other stores like Amazon and managed to get a review score of 4.5 stars submitted by 2000+ users of different bottle versions.

Below are some reviews from real users who bought the smart bottle and submitted their reviews on Amazon.


  • “It’s definitely doing its job in keeping me hydrated. The app challenges you. Like the glow reminders and banner reminders on the phone. Water tastes great and stays at the temp you filled it with for a long time. The app is easy. The battery has lasted over a week before I decided to charge it last night. Going from being dehydrated to drinking 80+ oz a day. Also more likely to choose water over other beverages because I’m competitive and want to add to my total…plus it tastes good.”
  • “He never drinks water and he insisted he would start if he had this water bottle and a way to be reminded and keep track. It has helped w his consumption tremendously”.


  • “I like the bottle and the ease of holding it. It has helped me to drink more water and the app encourages me. So with that, it is doing what I bought it for. However, the lid is extremely hard to open and the button does not work I have to manually pull it open. It doesn’t always track water with accuracy I have to add to the total most times. The battery life lasts long and occasionally my lights work. Would I buy it again, possibly as it does get me to drink water. But, I would like to see things work better on it with the price tag it has.”
  • “I dislike that it does not have a lock on the battery at the bottom of the bottle. Or it does not lock securely so it doesn’t fall out.”
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Full Specifiction

    • Material: ‎Stainless Steel/ Plastic
    • Capacity: 17, 21, 24, 32 Ounces
    • Compatibility: iOS, most Android devices
    • Weight: average 1.19 pounds
    • Battery: 1 Lithium Metal battery required (rechargeable & included)
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth
    • Patented tracking sensor technology
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