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Ctrl is a golf biokinetic sleeve that tracks your performance and gives you personalized actionable feedback on your performance to reach your perfect golf swing in no time.

Ctrl has motion sensors powered by intelligent AI algorithms that learn your individual unique swing style, monitor every detail of your performance, analyze it intelligently then give you a visualized breakdown of every aspect of your performance to help you sync your body and arms altogether with no need for a swing armband or any swing training aid or corrector.

Powerful Golf Swing Corrector:

Ctrl consists of a biokinetic golf sleeve with 2 hyper-sensitive motion sensors magnetically snapped onto the sleeve and can be turned on with a simple double tap.

 The two sensitive sensors powered by AI algorithms track and monitor every single metric as you swing like speed, rotation, acceleration, force, impact, etc. Then analyze these data and give you a detailed breakdown of your performance in different swing positions and timings;

  • The address position
  • Takeaway
  • Backswing
  • Downswing
  • Impact
  • The follow-through
  • Tempo
  • Etc

This detailed analysis of every golf swing flattens your learning curve and guarantees you to get a perfect swing path confidently in no time.

CTRL Golf Training Aid Can Make You a Golf Player in 30 Days!

There is no perfect Golf swing because every person is unique in terms of physical structure, strength, flexibility, timing, and tempo. 

Ctrl AI algorithms learn your unique swinging style during the first 10 swings then start to guide you to master your swing style as fast as possible. The ctrl company state that Golf beginners are expected to see 16% improvement in the first 15 days and a 46% improvement in the first 30 days!

Indoors Golf Training Aid

Ctrl enables you to practice indoors anywhere you want with no need for a golf course, club, or golf ball even. Once Ctrl has learned your swing style, you can use Ctrl sleeves to train anywhere and improve your performance with no need for using a ball or seeing where it goes because Ctrl tracking and breakdown of your performance guarantee you will get the perfect path. 

Installation and Configuration:

Ctrl swing trainer doesn’t need any technical setup and takes no more than 2 minutes to start working. Just put on the biokinetic weightless sleeves as you put any Golf sleeve then double tap the smart sensors snapped onto your sleeve to turn them on and start mastering your Golf swing.

Golf is powered with a Bluetooth-connected app where you see your performance and get insights and tips for improvement.

Why CTRL Golf Sleeve:

  • Takes no more than 2 minutes to set up.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • Powered by AI.
  • No other Golf aid is needed.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
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Full Specifiction

    • Sleeve Material: Ctrl has weightless sleeves made of a special fabric blend that conforms to the body and doesn’t interfere with movement nor cause heating thanks or get affected by heating thanks to its tough nylon material that withstands high temperatures.
    • G-forces: Ctrl biokinetic sleeves also have g-forces to not get affected by the most powerful swings.
    • Sensors: Ctrl has 2 smart sensors powered by Artificial intelligence that are magnetically snaped onto the sleeve with 6-axis motion Gyroscope and G- accelerometer to track performance.
    • Bluetoothe Connected App: Ctrl has a user friendly and visually-rich app that is compatible with both IOS and Android.
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