AtEase glasses are therapeutic glasses that can help people with social anxiety, ADHD, or anyone who feels overwhelmed to gain control again and stay focused on the task at hand.

AtEase glasses are for people with anxiety, ADHD, migraines, and anyone who feels distracted or stressed.

The scientific behind Therapeutic Glasses

Anxiety is proven to affect vision directly. Actually, anyone who has anxiety knows without a shadow of a doubt that anxiety causes a lot of eye strains and causes vision problems like blurs, double-vision, flashes, narrowed or “tunnel” vision, dream-like vision, and more.

The good news is that the relationship between anxiety and vision is a two-way relationship which means that each of them affects the other directly. And that’s what therapeutic glasses are doing.

How AtEase Therapeutic Glasses Work

During deep sleep, our brains experience low-frequency waves called “Delta” and “Theta” waves, those 2 waves are the reason our minds have the capacity to dream. 

“Alpha” is another wave but with a higher frequency that is seen in the brain when we shut our eyes and relax while still awake. These frequencies should diminish when our eyes are open, and attention is directed toward external stimuli.

What causes vision problems for people with Anxiety is that those 3 waves (Delta, Theta, and Alpha waves) become more prominent while awake leading to this dream-like vision with shadows, eye strains, and other vision issues mentioned above.

What AtEase anxiety glasses do is that they have a double injection lens with an amber viewing window to block the surrounding visual noise and peripheral distractions utilizing blue light blocking and visual occlusion technology which results in a brain relaxing effect, which helps your brain to gain control again only within 15 minutes.

AtEase Glasses Components

Each pair of AtEase glasses comes with 

  • A frame
  • The amber lens that works as blue light-blocking glasses
  • The black lens that provides the visual occlusion that helps reduce peripheral distraction

To assemble AtEase glasses, just snap the amber lens into the frame.

Within 15 minutes of using AtEase glasses, you can retain focus and concentration again, feel your eyes relieved from strain, and have better vision and clear thinking.

More about AtEase Therapeutic Glasses

When to use AtEase therapeutic glasses?

When you experience stress, anxiety, restlessness, distraction, or feel overwhelmed and can’t focus, put on AtEase Glasses for 15 minutes to gain control back. Within only 15 minutes of using AtEase glasses, you can retain focus and concentration, feel your eyes relieved from strain, and have better vision and clear thinking.

You don’t have to stop the task at hand while using AtEase glasses, just keep doing what you are doing wherever it’s reading, using your laptop, or whatever.


AtEase peripheral vision blocking glasses are patented zero-risk glasses backed by scientific research and don’t involve any side effects or potential health risks. 

AtEase Anxiety Glasses Usecases (Who is it for)?

AtEase relaxing glasses are not only for people with anxiety or stress, but it’s also for daily use whenever you feel overwhelmed or can’t focus during daily activities like reading, working, gaming, studying, etc.

It can help with focus, anxiety, sleep, headaches, ADHD, and migraines.

AtEase Glasses Reviews

AtEase anxiety glasses have been endorsed by a lot of reputable doctors and psychologists on the company’s official website and got a 3.5-star review on Amazon.

Below are some reviews from real users who bought the new therapeutic glasses and submitted their reviews on Amazon.


  • “My wife and I have been using these glasses for a little over a week, and I can say they really make a difference in my focus and overall mindset. These glasses do a great job of breaking up any “background noise” in your vision, allowing you to focus on only what is right in front of you. While wearing these glasses I have noticed I am calmer and more relaxed. My wife has anxiety and gets occasional panic attacks. She has been using the glasses whenever she feels stressed out or overwhelmed, and both of us have noticed that when wearing the glasses she is able to refocus herself to a calm state within 10 minutes. We have been very impressed so far. Both of us agree that the amber-colored viewing lens makes a big difference, as it effectively dims your environment and makes everything seem a bit softer. My wife has not had a panic attack since we received these glasses, but I am confident that they will help her when that time comes. For me, this will be very beneficial as typically during these panic attacks I have a hard time getting her to focus and relax. I think wearing these, while performing breathing exercises and staying in a still position, will be able to halt panic attacks before they become all-encompassing. Overall I would give this product a 5-star review and I think it can become a household brand for people prone to anxiety and panic attacks. Also, one unexpected benefit is that they actually look great while you are wearing them! No one would be able to tell they are anything but a fashionable pair of sunglasses!”
  • “I can’t speak enough about my AtEase glasses… I was shocked to see the results in my attentiveness and focus while using them. I have only mild use for them, only using them to help out with scarce times of distraction and stress. I highly recommend to anybody with anxiety, irritability, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, etc. that need additional tools/help to calm and focus! Additionally, got a couple of pairs for my wife to use in her elementary special education classrooms, and she loves them! Her young students get to wear them to help their emotional behavior disorders. Easy to use and effective!”


  • “The part that is supposed to rest on your ear is easily breakable. Both of the sides broke on my glasses. This definitely isn’t 150 dollar worth of materials. If higher quality material was used while maintaining the same weight for the frame this would easily be a 5-star rating.”
  • “These glasses didn’t seem to do anything. I was also sent the wrong frame. But either way, these were not anything that I thought they would be. They’re supposed to help with anxiety among other things and I have no idea how they would do that. I tried wearing them and they just seemed like I was wearing fake glasses. I didn’t notice any kind of action or impression. Maybe it’s really really subtle. I sent them back.”
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Full Specifiction

    •  6mm amber viewing window
    • Dimensions: ‎ 9.25 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches
    • Weight:  8.04 Ounces
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