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Tremelo is a watch-alike hand stabilizer device that enables people with essential tremor to live their life normally thanks to its innovative vibration control technology.

Tremelo vibration control technology simply consists of a built-in small mass that shakes back and forth counteracting the shaking movement in hands which results in stabilizing shaky hands by 85-90%.

Tremelo Technology:

Tremelo bracelet mechanism is transmitted from the principles of energy absorption that are used to steady planes, bridges, and tall buildings, so no need for battery, electricity, or charging, unlike other anti-tremor devices and watches.

It relies merely on the technologies of pure mechanics engineering to help people with essential Tremor to do their daily-life tasks like eating, drinking, writing holding a cup full of water, or using a spoon, easily, safely, and independently with no need for a battery or charging cables.


Tremelo anti-tremor device is 100% non-invasive and safe to use with no worries about electric shocks, chemicals, brain stimulation, or any side effects.

How It Works:

Tremolo Anti-tremor device consists of:

  • Easy to Wear Strap: Tremelo assistive strap requires only one hand operation to put on and use, so you can slip it on or off when you need just as you do with a slippery glove.
  • Tremelo Vibration Absorbers: With a single click on the central knob you can install the device on your wrist. It’s easier than putting on a watch!

Just slip on the assistive strap using a single hand then fix Tremelo device on your wrist with a single click on the central knob and you are ready to go. It is simpler than wearing a glove or putting on a watch.

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Full Specifiction

    • • Easy to wear: Tremelo requires only one-hand operation to put on and use. This allows easy slip on and off your arm/hand using one hand.
    • • Lightweight: weights less than 1 pound.
    • • Safe to use: Tremolo bracelet is 100% non-invasive and doesn’t produce any electric shocks, or chemicals, and it doesn’t use any brain stimulations.
    • • Non-electric: Tremolo is an anti-tremor aid device that is based on the principles of energy absorption and doesn’t require any electricity, recharging, or battery.
    • • Effectiveness: By putting on Tremelo, it can reduce arm tremors by 85-90% immediately.
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