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Lazy glasses are an innovative product that enables you to read a book, use your phone or watch TV while laying down on your back.

Reading or watching TV while laying down on your bed or your sofa is absolutely luxurious, except for the neck pain and strain that you feel after a few minutes. Lazy glasses are made to solve that exact problem.

90-degree prism glasses

Lazy glasses bend your vision 90 degrees so you can read whatever you want while laying comfortably on your back with no need to move your head or bend your neck. It’s an ideal choice for people with mobility issues like neck or lower back problems

Comfortable & lightweight: Made for lazy readers!

The new laying down glasses are made to be lightweight on your nose and don’t cause any pain when worn for long periods. They are also made from high-quality glasses to avoid causing any eyestrain.

The lazy glasses are suitable to wear alone and they fit over your prescription glasses too (if you wear one).

How do lazy reading glasses work?

These laying down glasses has a built-in mirror that rotates your sight field within 90 ° around the horizontal axis when you lay down by tricking out in a triangular shape, that way you can see in front of you while lying in a horizontal position on your bed or sofa.

The glasses are also made from HD glasses and a high-quality reflecting prism to bring a clear and bright representation of the image.

Warning: Please notice that the lazy prism glasses enhance peripheral vision so if you have a health consideration regarding this make sure to consult your doctor. Also, they may cause dizziness if you take them off and on multiple times.

Lazy glasses review

The lazy glasses have been sold thousands of times on Amazon and got a review score of 4.5/5 submitted by 2000+ users.

Below are some reviews from real users who used bought the prism glasses and submitted their reviews on Amazon.


“I love this product! I’ve had it on my list for a long time, mainly as a gag gift. But I recently saw a friend of mine raving about them and I just had to give them a shot. They are incredibly easy to use and I find that they allow my neck and back to rest while still allowing me to enjoy a show or play a game on my Switch. You will look very silly, but they are probably my favorite purchase of the year. Highly recommend!”
“The glasses were very clear and overall great! The only problem was that the box was pretty damaged when it came in the mail. However, the product overall was high quality and a very fun and unique gift to give.”


“I bought these for reading. There are huge gaps in what is reflected so you have to hold your head a certain way to be able to see. I can’t see the full page of the book I’m reading and it is so dizzying I can’t use them.”
“I did not like these at all. I got them so that I could crochet without continually looking down. They are so disorienting and made me nauseous. They completely block forward vision, and if I moved them down to be able to see over the top of them, it was even worse.”

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Full Specifiction

    • Size: Universal & Unisex
    • Weight:150g
    • Frame Material: Plastic
    • Lens Material: Resin
    • Package Dimensions: ‎6.3 x 3 x 2 inches
    • Prevents radiation and eyestrain
    • Fit over ordinary glasses
    • High-quality reflecting prism


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