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Lymb One is an interactive gaming system that brings physical activity and digital gaming together on a big screen so you can interact with your whole body while having fun at the same time.

Lymb One is designed to distract you from workout pain by transforming exercises into fun games. With Lymb One you can turn any wall into an interactive sports and gaming arena, using a device that is the same size as a shoebox.

Lymb One will make you move, jump, throw and kick objects to have fun while getting your blood pumping. It’s not only an interactive gaming system, it’s also an exercise & fitness gaming console that you can use to do Endurance & HIIT workouts, Stamina workouts, or flexibility and Yoga exercises.

Interactive Gaming Console For Kids:

Lymb One is the best gaming console for your kids too. With more than 35 available games for developing different skills and building knowledge bases in various subjects, your kids can enjoy playing while improving their skills and staying healthy. 

Lymb One comes with 35+ various games to help kids learn subjects like math & geography, and improve their memory skills, cognitive skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

That way your kids can develop their skills, expand their knowledge and burn some energy while spending a nice time.

How the Interactive Gaming Console; Lymb Works?

  • Just attach Lymb One to your wall just above your screen.
  • Connect your projector with HDMI.
  • And now you have a gaming console of 35+ games available for all ages and skill levels to get yourself and your kids entertained while staying healthy and fit.

Exceptional Motion Tracking sensors:

Lymb One gaming console has precise motion-tracking sensors and object-detection capabilities to:

  • Track the wall and the area in front of the system.
  • Track balls bigger than 5 cm and track body movement of players bigger than 1,1 m.
  • Detect and identify human-hand touches on the wall and detect multiple objects and interactions at the same time. 

Lymb One interactivity is very instant and precise so you can develop your cognitive skills (e.g: reaction time & speed of action) using the various cognitive-focus games available.

Thanks to its motion tracking, Lymb One sensors can also help you to perform your fitness workouts or yoga sessions correctly by detecting your body movements and positions instantly.

The system can work without an internet connection and can be placed on a wall or on the floor _using a floor stand.

Lymb One Applications & Games Available:

Lymb One comes with more than 35 free games and a wide range of sports apps for any skill level and all ages that are already pre-installed on your device so you can play them all for free. Also, new games are developed and released continuously.

Some types of games available include:

  • Exercise games for moving the body while having fun.
  • Education games that combine physical activity with learning subjects like maths and geography in a more engaging and memorable way.
  • Skills development games for enhancing physical skills, cognitive skills, and social skills.
  • Sports and workouts for improving flexibility, stamina, and endurance.

Lymb One Interactive Gaming System Pricing:

Lymb company is driven by a MISSION of “ Using technology and gamification to make sports as fun as computer gaming and enable sports to compete with other daily activities”.

Lymb is available for pre-order now for  €1.470,00 EUR.

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Full Specifiction

    • Connectivity: Supports WIFI & Bluetooth
    • Weight: 3.5 kg
    • Operating Temperature: 5 ºC – 35 ºC
    • Energy Consumption: 40Wm
    • Sensors: Intel® RealSense™ Depth Module D450
    • Dimensions:
                  • Length: 185 mm
                  • Width: 345 mm
                  • Height: 155 mm
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