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ROG; is the world’s first gaming contact lens introduced by ASUS; the global technology leader, reshaping the future of gaming.

ROG Smart Lens tracks your eyes and head movement and responds in turn by adjusting the in-game camera so you can see the different angles, sides, and directions in the game as you are experiencing the game with your body for real!

With ROG, you can assign the different actions in the game to your eye and head gestures so that you never have to take your hand off the mouse and keyboard.

  • Game actions like (go-to-dashboard, restart, fire, run, etc.) 
  • Gestures (like a series of blinks, winks, or twitches).

ROG Smart Lens can also adapt to ambient light conditions, can filter out harmful rays to decrease eye strain while playing, and enables the player to adjust the color, intensity, and shape of his eyes to imitate his game character in a few clicks!

ROG Lens Tracking Technology:

ROG Smart Lens has a built-in tracking system that tracks your eyes and head movements accurately and responds by adjusting the “focus object” on your screen, the angles, and directions. You can also zoom in and out, or adjust the critical system settings with your eyes so your hands stay focused on your gaming mission. Rog lens has all you need for a 100% real, immersive gaming experience.

ROG Gestures System:

This system enables you to assign any action in your game (e.g: go-to-dashboard, running, push, run, etc) to a series of blinks, winks, and twitches so you never have to Alt+Tab out of a game again. You can set up to 10 customized shortcuts, allowing you to tweak settings with the wink of an eye.

Filtering Harmful Rays:

ROG Smart Lens powered by its “low blue light” technology, automatically adapt to the current light conditions to filter out harmful rays so the gamer can have a better performance, and less eye strain while staying healthy.

Armoury Crate Control:

Armoury Crate is a software that provides centralized control of ASUS ROG gaming products. ROG Smart Lens is fully configurable in Armoury Crate that enables you to adjust the color, intensity, and shape of your eyes. Or sync RGB lighting patterns to match your battle station, or coordinate with your team.

ROG Command Center:

ROG Command Center gives you ultimate control over your setup. You can see critical system information like skin temperature, GPU frequency, battery level, and Frame rate (FPS). Adjust your monitor brightness and CPU fan curves. Or overclock the refresh rate of your own eyes on the fly with a simple Bluetooth connection. 

Dedicated App Store:

ROG Smart Lens app store gives you a wide set of possibilities like playing your favorite AR games, exploring city landmarks using Wikipedia integration, and more with “privacy features” that allow you to mute and block annoying passers-by on the street for peace and quiet.

Pre-order ROG Smart Lens:

ROG Smart Lens was announced on the first of April 2022 and its price didn’t reveal yet but will be available for pre-ordering soon. Stay tuned!

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Full Specifiction

    • ROG Smart Lens comes with a sleek fast-charging case with an innovative engineered cleaning solution that enables you to both charge and clean your lenses in 1 hour without harming the components.
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