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Ghost Pacer glasses are AR (augmented reality) jogging glasses that provide you with an on-demand virtual holographic running partner to help you hit your running goals.

Having a running partner is a must-have for amateur runners and running athletes to be able to push themselves beyond their limits. Your new virtual running partner will help you to achieve this and will guide you so you don’t lose your running track. 

Your virtual running buddy Ghost Pacer will keep enough distance in front of you when you are about to give up to motivate you to continue pushing and going beyond your limits.

How Ghost Pacer Jogging Glasses Work

By just putting on Ghost Pacer glasses you will have an instant Augmented Reality display of:

  • The time
  • Your speed
  • How much you have run so far, and the remaining distance (in both miles & minutes)
  • And all performance metrics you care about.

The new AR running glasses are compatible with the famous running app ‘Strave’, paired together they can give you multiple possibilities for improving your running performance:

  • You can choose the best runs on the Strave app and imitate them
  • Choose your favorite running athletes from anywhere in the world and and compete against them or imitate them by setting your virtual running partner to match their speed, pace, performance, and running distance.
  • You can also race your friends remotely by downloading their run from the app and setting your virtual running partner to stimulate their performance.

Virtual Running Coach

Ghost Pacer Glasses not only offers a virtual running partner but also a virtual running coach.

The smart glasses sensors learn your running habits, and track your running routine then provide you with a visualized analysis of your performance throughout time in the ghost pacer app.

Ghost Pacer app is also compatible with smartwatches to track your heart beating rate and keep it in the optimal zone during different running sessions.

Ghost Pacer virtual running partner is a holographic buddy who will be visible only for you so that other people in your street or club don’t see it.

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Full Specifiction

    • Sunlight Compatibility: Ghost Pacer optical system ensures HD visibility of your status while running in bright sunlight outdoors.
    • AR field of view: 40 degree
    • Battery life: 6 hours.
    • Charging time: 1 hour.
    • Display resolution: 1280 x 720
    • Dimensions: 175mm x 45mm x 160mm
    • Thickness: 10mm
    • Capacity: 800 mAh
    • Weight: 85 grams
    • Splash & Dust resistant
    • Visor color: Gold, blue
    • HD Holographic display: Ghost Pacer glasses displays the virtual running avatar in quality of 4000 pixels per inch. (9x clearer than iPhone 11 pro Retina display).
    • Frame color: black, white
    • Speed: the holographic running companion speed ranges from 2 – 60 minutes per mile (that’s faster than the world record of 9.58 s per meter)
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