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Tangram rope is a smart jump rope that counts your jumps and displays your jump count in the air in front of you without any screen or wearable!

The smart rope also tracks your performance and syncs it to an app so you can visualize and analyze your jumping progress over time.

Jump rope is an efficient workout for increasing endurance and burning calories just like running. But still, jump rope as a fitness activity hasn’t seen any improvements or enhancements since it ever existed. Introducing Tangram, the next generation of jump rope!

Precise Performance Measurement

Tengram smart rope has permanent non-contact sensors that detect full 360-degree revolutions of the rope so you never miss a single jump.

The rope has 23 bright LEDs that fire at different times as the Smart rope rotates around you during your workout, creating the appearance of a single display floating in mid-air that shows your fitness current jump count.

Tengram measurement technology is much more accurate than the simple gyroscopes or accelerometers found in most fitness wearables and is much more innovative than any jump rope that ever existed.

Tengram rope is as efficient as your traditional jump rope but much more innovative. With Tengram you can do double unders, triple unders, or X jumps.

Durability and Design

Smart Rope Handles

Tangram smart rope has innovative handles designed with a 45-degree angle that allows for a natural and comfortable holding position while enabling the jump rope to move in a silky smooth rotation path. 

To store Tangram smart rope roll it up and put it in the provided carrying pouch, and store it safely. Tangram rope has passed multiple durability tests, but excessive bending of the rope can damage the internal components. 

The smart rope comes in 4 different colors to choose from (Black, Red, Chrome, and Gold) and 3 different sizes to fit different people.


Tangram smart rope can be charged with a standard micro-USB port and the battery can last for 36 hours of active use on a full charge. That’s about 30 days of daily fitness workouts for only a single charge!

The battery can be fully charged in only 2 hours.

LED lights

Tangram smart rope has 23 bright LEDs to display your fitness data clearly and the color of LED power buttons changes in response to different statuses:

Rapid flashes of blue light mean the rope is awaiting a Bluetooth connection.

Slow flashes of blue light mean the Bluetooth connection is established.

Slow flashes of white light mean that the smart rope is in use.

Red light means that the Battery charge is below 20% Or the rope is charging.

Green light means that the Battery charge is over 80% or fully charged.

The innovative 45-degree angle allows the jump rope handles to be held naturally, at the ideal path for the rope to travel. This new design also allows for the handles to be evenly weighted for maximum control of the LED workout display

Silky smooth jump rope motion thanks to the two sets of ball bearings in each handle

Tracks your progress and commitment throughout the whole weekday along with jump counts, calories burned, and more.


Using the smart rope app, you can monitor your performance like your jump count, calories burned, workout times, and interval training then you can visualize, analyze, and share your everyday exercise status.

The app is compatible with iOS Android, Apple watch and supports multi-devices such as mobile, tablet, and smart TV.

Beyond tracking performance, the Tangram app can help you to compete with smart rope users all over the world, and see your friends’ workout progress to get motivated.

Tangram smart rope Reviews

Got featured in The New York Times, the Washington Post, and more.


  • “I picked this up at the Apple store because I have been getting bored with regular gym workouts and the cost of interval training classes can really add up. It’s convenient to do right away in the morning after my meditation session and super convenient w/o spending time traveling to and from the gym. Having the numbers flash on every rotation is motivating AND the app helps keep me honest about how consistently I’m doing a cardio intense workout.”
  • “I got this in the chrome color and had it for almost two years and It still works great, I have no problems with the numbers lighting up. The rope doesn’t get coiled and it syncs with the app well. I like to jump rope for cardio and this is great!!”


  • “I liked the concept but the counter is not as accurate as I like plus I thought the LED counter was dope you can barely read it with regret I’m returning.”
  • “I purchased SmartRope in March and the LED has already gone out in 4 months. It wants to connect to the program some of the time. I ordered a new kit to replace LED when we started to take it apart the screws were so small and they were cheap and in there so tight you couldn’t get them out. This rope is a waste of money and replacement LED is a joke because you can’t get screws out. The heads are rounded where they were over-tightened. I would like a replacement rope.”
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Full Specifiction

    • App Compatibility: iOS, Android, Apple Watch
    • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Po Battery (36 hours life)
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (Sizes are not adjustable)
    • Dimensions: ‎1.18 x 1.18 x 5.91 inches
    • Weight: 0.4 Kilograms
    • Grip Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
    • LED lights: 5600K x 23 LEDs
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