Upright Go 2 is a posture corrector for hunchback posture resulting from slouching and bad sitting habits.

Unlike other posture correctors in the market, Upright Go 2 is a tiny posture coaching device that you can wear on your upper back while sitting, walking, and doing a physical activity so it tracks your posture in real-time and notifies you with a gentle vibration whenever you slouch. 

Upright Back Trainer Technology

Upright posture corrector with its 2 built-in gyroscope sensors can detect your posture movement and positions throughout the day and then provide you with daily biofeedback with figures and charts via its free app that shows your posture stats, posture progress level, and personalized training plans to improve. 

Through Upright App, you can customize the vibration settings (e.g: vibration type, intensity, the permitted time you could bend your posture before getting alerted, or you can turn vibration off) according to your posture training needs, mood, or daily activities.

Upright App has 9 different feedback/alert options to choose from and can automatically store and sync your detailed posture activity for 30 days so you can have a clear picture of your posture and back improvement over time.

Two ways to use Upright Go 2 posture corrector

The new wearable posture corrector can be worn in 2 different ways according to your preference and needs:

Upright Upper Back Adhesive

Using Upright provided adhesives you can wear your posture coaching device directly on your upper back and do your daily taks normally.

Upright Go 2 comes with 10 reusable silicon adhesives that are light and hypoallergenic. Made from medical-grade silicone these adhesives will secure your device in place while doing your daily task without leaving marks on your back. 

Each adhesive can be used up to 10 times before you need to replace it.

You can buy more adhesives through the App or on the official website. 1 adhesives pack of 10 pieces is placed for $9.85.

Upright Go 2 Necklace

Upright necklace is an alternative option for wearing your posture correction trainer. Just attach Upright corrector to the back of the necklace and let the front magnetic clips close smoothly. Now you have a smart and stylish silicon necklace surrounding your neck that you can put on or off easily without worrying about your adhesives.

Upright Go 2 package doesn’t include the necklace but you can buy it separately for $19.95.

Upright Posture Trainer Review

Poor posture can lead to chronic back pain and changes in spinal alignment over time. Further, it affects self-confidence and self-esteem and decreases the energy level in the body. To know if Upright Go 2 is the right choice or not, here is a detailed review mentioning both the pros and cons of this posture trainer.


Upright Go 2 posture trainer and corrector managed to achieve 54% back pain reduction as reported by 57000 users and is validated by 4 published studies that demonstrate its effectiveness.

Upright posture trainer’s success rate reached 86% of bad posture improvement over time thanks to its real-time tracking and performance visualization through its app.

What makes Upright posture trainer stand out from all other posture correctors in the market is that it notifies you when you slouch so you can actively use your muscles to adjust your posture to a straight position. That way you start to be aware of your posture position and see consistent and extended improvement over time. In contrast, the other gesture correctors in the market _braces mainly_ depend on forcing your posture to be straight by pushing it passively into the opposite direction of your forward lean without engaging or stimulating the body muscles which will weaken muscles in the long run as they become reliant on the external forces from the braces.


As some users reported; the adhesives don’t attach well to sweaty skin and may fall off so you need to make sure to use Upright back trainer in a cool, and dry environment.

You need to buy adhesives: Although the silicon adhesives can be used up to 10 times before you need to replace them, you still need to buy more adhesives later or sooner (unless you will rely on the necklace)

Upright back posture trainer can’t distinguish between intentional bending over with good posture (e.g when you do the laundry, load the dishwasher, etc)  and unhealthy slouching. (Anyway that’s something you could get over by switching off the vibrations from your App while doing your households)

Upright Go 2 Box Components

The new posture trainer package includes:

  • 1 Upright GO 2
  • Hard travel case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 10 reusable silicon Adhesives
  • Adhesive removal tool

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Full Specifiction

    • Battery lasts for Up to 12 days of training – 3 hours of training per day-
    • Auto Calibration: Upright Go 2 recognizes your current body posture and automatically adapts itself for optimal training.
    • Splash-proof: So it doesn’t get affected by sweat, rain, and water splashes.
    • Dimensions: 1.89” (48 mm)
    • 30-Day Money-Back
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